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Upgrading Your Garden for Summertime in Bath

Posted on 19th April 2021 by The Aussie Team
Upgrading Your Garden for Summertime in Bath

Now that the weather is starting to improve, you’re probably thinking of spending more time in the garden and enjoying the outdoors more. Even with lockdown restrictions gradually easing, some people will likely be waiting for further improvements in cases and vaccines. That’s why it’s essential to enjoy your garden and get the most out of it. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your outdoor spaces in time for summer?

Aussie is Bath’s favourite removals and storage company, but we’re also on-hand to assist with home improvements. This can be anything, from advice on your garden to supplying a storage unit to help you create more space. From working with many associates in the housing market, we also understand how important gardens are now. This is our short guide on upgrading your garden in time for sunshine and more pleasant days.  

Get Ready for Summer with a Garden Upgrade –

We’re having some interesting weather in the UK, but there’s nothing new there. With a bit of luck, the pitch-black mornings and 4 pm sunsets will be a thing of the past. Those welcoming evening summer nights are so close you can touch them. So, let’s look at ways to prepare your garden and outdoor spaces in anticipation of the summer.

The first thing you’ll need to do is evaluate the current state of play. Is your grass in poor condition with balding spots? Do you have any plants or flowers in need of TLC? What sort of garden furniture are you using? Is there any outside lighting? More importantly, are you ready to put your thinking cap on to create an inviting exterior space?

Most people dream about having a beautiful garden, but the upkeep is too demanding. Furthermore, it’s expensive to create an idyllic back garden. The good news is there are ways of producing a tranquil space if that’s your goal. There’s plenty of other options for busy families who need something more robust.

Spruce Up Furniture and Fences –

Let’s begin with assessing the current state of any wooden furniture and fencing. Our focus throughout this blog will be on affordability and improvements in tandem. While it’s durable, wood is also prone to bloating from absorbing water. That’s why you’ll need to treat your fencing with creosote and mend or replace any broken slats. Please give them the same treatment as any wooden furniture to ensure it lasts without any rot setting in.

Sand any rough edges on your fence and garden furniture to avoid any cuts or spelts. You can easily add furniture by utilising old pallets, which has been an ever-present trend that doesn’t seem to be fading. Click here to see an instructional article on creating pallet outdoor furniture. It’s an easy fix, and you can make some charming pieces with minimal investment.

You can also put together some wooden flower or plant boxes for your garden or patio. Many people are turning their hand to growing vegetables as well. Some repurposing can go a long way for cheap and cheerful improvements. All you need is a few spare hours, elbow grease, good information and a few basic tools.

Decking and Add an Awning or Gazebo –

This is for people looking for a slightly more involved overhaul of their garden with some moderate or major updates. Installing some outside decking will transform your patio or outside area. Doing this will reduce maintenance and makes your back garden more accessible. You’ll enjoy many a barbeque and summer’s evening on your brand-new deck.

Unlike the pallet garden furniture, we would advise working with a professional to install this, unless you have building experience. You can also think of additional features to complement your deck. An awning or gazebo will help protect against harmful UV rays and some shade for hot days. Plus, your drinks will stay cool when the sun’s out.

Awnings and gazebos also fold away when not in use so that they won’t get in the way. If you’re thinking of trying this yourself, there are some online tips for laying decking and assembling a gazebo. Aussie will happily assist with collections and deliveries of materials with our Man & Van service. Furthermore, self storage units are available to store any wood and tools for the job.

Cheap and Cheerful Lighting Options –

There are some excellent ideas out there for affordable outside lights, and they’re the perfect addition to your new garden. You can read up some here if you’re feeling thrifty and creative and need some ideas. But there’s bound to be issues with electrical points and wiring. You’ll need to ensure the lights are powered by a battery which still provides a few headaches regarding bad weather.

We’re going to stick with solar lights and how you can apply other methods for presenting them. The first suggestion is to buy some affordable solar lights and place them strategically around your garden. There are more options regarding design, and some even have colour filters as an excellent addition. However, you can also let your creative juices flow to see what you can do with this light source.

Using mason jars and rope handles, you can have hanging solar lights – remember to charge the lights through the day. Another method is to cut out a stencil to go into the mason jar, creating new effects and shapes. You can also experiment with plant holders and furniture to attach solar lights. Using smaller lights, install several wooden posts and make a string-light effect.

Before you know it, you’ll have some tasteful illuminations for your back garden, which are inviting and comforting. The ideal way to continue enjoying the evening as the sun gradually sets. If you fancy keeping things going for the colder months, it’s possible to introduce an outside heat lamp and/or a wood burner.

Reseeding the Grass or Replace with Decorative Pebbles –

Depending on your circumstances, you might need some grass for the little ones. This will affect whether you can have flowers or plants as they might get damaged. You can uproot any problem weeds and use some child-friendly grass seeds. Remember to assess the quality of the soil and prepare it with fertiliser where necessary and water regularly.

If you don’t need grass, it might be worth replacing it with decorative pebbles and stones. The maintenance is much lower, but you will need to remove any weeds first. They can add a lot of character, and you can add outdoor pot plants for greenery. And you can add in different colour schemes to create an outdoor mosaic effect.

There’s also an option to mix and match grass and pebbles. The latter is an excellent way of bordering a garden for both style and upkeep. Just remember to spray weed killer regularly to prevent any unseemly sprouts. The best thing about using stones is they’re affordable and straightforward to place in your garden. As long as you plan and do your homework, there shouldn’t be any issues with weeds.

Aussie Man & Van – Make the Most of Outdoor Spaces –

Everyone at Aussie is looking forward to warmer weather and longer sunshine days in the upcoming weeks and months. After a challenging year and a bit, we all deserve some extra hours to relax and unwind. It’s possible to improve your garden and outdoor spaces without a lot of upfront expenditure. And we hope this blog will give you some ideas on where to start.

For anyone who’s stuck for a vehicle to collect or deliver items, we can help with our Man & Van service. Storage is an essential tool for anyone making home or garden upgrades, with people and professionals renting with us. Self storage has no limits to access during business hours which makes it convenient and secure. And there’s no minimum contract to worry about. It’s a store as long as you need to deal with Aussie.

If you’re looking for ways to welcome the sun with some garden upgrades proactively, please contact us today. We have plenty of advice on ways to do so within a modest budget, in addition to providing services to help you complete the job.