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Auction Houses In and Around Bath 

Posted on 10th August 2023 by The Aussie Team
Auction houses around Bath 

Auctioneers and the removal and storage trade both operate in a similar field. At Aussie, we know that careful handling of valuables to preserve their quality is paramount during a removal job. As professionals working on the leading edge of the removals and storage field, we treat the personal items of our customers in the same way as if we were transporting them to the auction house.  In fact, Aussie Bath works not only with domestic customers but also with auction houses, as we have incorporated skilled handling procedures into all our training. With a wealth of auction houses in the West Country, many with strong international links, this age-old tradition of valuing objects is one we naturally align with. If you are interested in browsing through the extensive catalogues of some of the UK’s finest auction houses here are a few to be aware of.  Similarly, if you need items or estates to be valued, here are five of the experts that can guide you on your way. 

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