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Aussie Man & Van – Bath’s Favourite Removals Service for Smaller Homes

Posted on 18th January 2022 by The Aussie Team
Aussie Man & Van – Bath's Favourite Removals Service for Smaller Homes

If you’re planning your next relocation, it’s always worth starting as early as possible to avoid any issues. After you know when your moving date will be, your next step should be to look around to find a suitable and reliable removals company. And for residents of Bath, there is one company that fits the bill perfectly for your upcoming move.

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Adding a Room to Your Home with Aussie Man & Van in Bath

Posted on 16th August 2021 by The Aussie Team
Adding a Room to Your Home with Aussie Man & Van in Bath

At various points in life, we find ourselves with the need for another room in our home. This often makes us think about selling up and finding a property with an extra room. However, there are other options for you to consider, especially if you love your house and location. One of those options is to convert or build an extension to accommodate an additional room in your current home.

Converting a pre-existing room or building an extension is an excellent way to create more space and stay where you live now. It’s also possible to add value to your current home if you undertake the conversion or construction as a project you manage carefully. With some shrewd decisions and organisation, you could increase your property’s value and improve your home. And Aussie Man & Van is here to partner with you for your conversion or extension project.

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Is it Easy to Start a Small Business in Bath?

Posted on 6th February 2020 by The Aussie Team
Removals Company Bath

A lot of people dream of one day leaving their mundane day job and starting their own business from scratch. However, not many take the next step and dive into the unknown waters of running a small business or start-up enterprise. When it comes to starting a new company, we all need a helping hand and Aussie are champions of the local business community.

We’re here to help and this is some of our top tips for starting your own business in Bath.

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