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Downsizing to a Flat in Bath Using Our Unique Drive-Up Self Storage

Posted on 25th February 2020 by The Aussie Team
Downsizing to a Flat in Bath Using Our Unique Drive-Up Self Storage

If you’re thinking of moving to a smaller property, it might present you with a tricky dilemma when it comes to finding space for your furniture and appliances. Most people accumulate more possessions throughout the years, and it’s rare to find someone that regularly declutters. This might cause you more than a headache or two if this applies to your current situation, which can become stressful.

What options are there for people who are downsizing but want to keep their belongings?

What Can You Store in Self Storage when Downsizing?

Aussie has excellent storage facilities in Bath, and we regularly work with people who are relocating. Here is some essential information for anyone who’s downsizing or moving to a new home:

  • Storage is an excellent way to create more space at home or work
  • It’s possible to move from a four-bed house to a two-bed apartment
  • You can store anything, from clothing to furniture in a storage unit

Self storage is an excellent way to create more space at home because you’re going to put a lot of things you don’t use all the time in a unit. Storage also works well for businesses in Bath who need more room in the office or workspace. There are no limitations on how often you can access your self storage unit during our opening hours. While container storage is more suitable for long-term usage for people or businesses who don’t need regular access.

Aussie Man & Van regularly works with people who need to downsize to a smaller property, often from larger houses. In life, our circumstances might change, and we have different accommodation requirements. By using our storage units, there’s no need to worry about getting rid of things on-mass. We have storage options that cater to everyone’s situation.

We often have been asked what types of things people keep in their storage units. A few examples would be clothing, appliances and furniture, but this is by no means a complete list. You can store most things; however, there are restrictions on perishable items and hazardous substances. If you’re not sure about a particular object, contact us, and we’ll explain our terms and conditions.

Aussie’s Unique Drive-Up Self Storage Units –

Aussie Man & Van now has drive-up self storage units available at our Bath depot. This is good news for anyone who wants to offload from their car or van directly into a storage unit. Furthermore, drive-up storage units are the ideal solution for anyone who needs regular access to their possessions. Loading and unpacking your vehicle is straightforward and quick; you’ll be in and out in a flash.

The Aussie team are always available if you require assistance with things like awkward, heavy items. Every drive-up self storage unit is built to withstand all weather conditions, and we have state of the art security measures at our branch. There are 250 & 500 cubic feet storage units available, each with environmental control as standard to safeguard your items.

We’re also running a special offer where you can store with us for six months, and we’ll collect your load for storage from your home or workplace. This is perfect for households and also business customers who have busy schedules. We have customers from Bath and all over Somerset use our facilities due to customer service. Our moto – we’re the ‘can-do’ company that does everything you need under one roof.

Aussie Man & Van – Bath’s Only Drive-Up Self Storage Units –

At Aussie Man & Van, customer service is our company’s number one priority. We believe that everything works better when we see things from our customers’ perspective. Many companies create one size fits all services, but that’s not good enough for us. The Aussie team takes time to listen to feedback from our customers, and that’s where the need for drive-up storage units became obvious.

Aussie’s customers come from all walks of life and have individual needs. However, one common thing is the need to improve access to our storage units. By making it possible to drive your vehicle up to your self storage unit, you can drop off and collect your possessions, goods or work equipment in approximately half the time in comparison to a traditional setup.

If you would like to discuss our drive-up storage packages, contact us today. We’re confident that we can offer you affordable self storage while you find concentrate on finding a suitable house or apartment in Bath.