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How to pack clothes for long term storage

Posted on 4th July 2022 by The Aussie Team
How to pack clothes for long term storage

Although this may seem fairly obvious, in an unpredictable four season climate like the UK, you may want to develop a seasonal storage strategy. Housing four seasons’ worth of clothes in a home can take up a lot of space.  Here we explore the idea of the Capsule Wardrobe, as a way of reducing your general clothing load, and becoming more ninja with your flexible style.   If the Capsule Wardrobe is something you want to embrace, you may want to put the rest of your wardrobe away in seasonal long term storage.  

Capsule Wardrobe 

The phrase Capsule Wardrobe surfaced in the 70’s and through the decades has continued to garner sophisticated appeal. Now the capsule wardrobe continues to make a whole lot of sense, and if you haven’t considered it there are benefits to reap.  The concept – a minimal wardrobe of limited pieces, all chosen so they can be interchangeable and complementary.  In other words, you pare down your wardrobe to be able to function in the different lives you walk, in a way that is both nifty and stylish.  The key to this is choosing a neutral colour scheme and focusing on classic timeless pieces which do not go out of style. With your minimal selection of clothes, you should be able to create a maximum of different outfit expressions.   Fashions advocates suggest approaching it as a game, something akin to the Rubik’s cube of wardrobes. 

Five benefits of the Capsule Wardrobe 

1. Less decision fatigue

It has been proved that it is the paradox of choice which often makes us feel that things are over familiar and unappealing.  For example, when you open Spotify and you can choose anything, but you have the overwhelming sense of needing new music.  Similarly, with an overstuffed wardrobe, you will not be able to discern what outfit would work and you may feel like what you need is new clothes.  Analysis paralysis, explains why it’s hard to find a Netflix show you want to watch!  So, save time, with fewer options that are easier to organize and display. 

2. Sustainability

While clothing is just part of the fabric of our lives, we are generally unaware that fashion accounts for up to 10% of global carbon dioxide output- which is more than international flights and shipping combined.  Moreover, textiles rely on petrochemical products and are the causes of major environmental pollution.  As fashion speeds up and increases, so does microplastic pollution. Consequently, as more clothes are produced, more of them are committed to landfill.   This is a cycle worth examining to see if there are ways you can opt out. The frenzy of fast fashion sets up the idea that each season we need a new look, but this is done with a price.    Interestingly, less is more, really comes into play with a capsule wardrobe, particularly if you have seasonal wardrobes that you store away. Out of sight out of mind is a great way to preserve your affection for your clothes. 

3. Minimalist

       Minimalism is a mindset.  Lifestyle minimalism involves reducing the number of objects that are necessary for you in your life. Therefore, a capsule wardrobe is essential for a minimalist outlook.  To prepare your capsule wardrobe there will be some shedding of the unnecessary.  To sort out your clothes, you may want to commit some of the more sentimental pieces to storage.  Similarly, you will most likely consign many items to the charity shop or clothing bank.  Making more space in your living environment creates more space in your thinking environment.  With fewer clothes in your wardrobe, it is more likely that you will take care of them, and how they are washed and cared for and fixed. 

4. Save time and money 

Clearly, there is money to be saved if you know you are only purchasing a certain number of items per year or season.  The thrall of the high street, or more likely your inbox, is not going to have you at its mercy.  It’s like you have got boundaries suddenly, that the impulse to buy stuff has to respect. That has got to feel good!  If you are not suffering from decision fatigue in choosing what to wear, you save time.  It is easier to evaluate based on weather and activity, what your clothing choices will be.  There is no need for your capsule wardrobe to be a downgrade; it is an art form that you can develop.   When travelling, you will reap the benefits of being able to tightly pack down into a carry-on case, without any restriction.  

5. Less stress

All of the above indicate a reduction of stress.  Owning too many things creates a sense of being overwhelmed.  In addition, there is a lot of flexibility in being able to move quickly without having to transport many things.  In the age of the digital nomad, the next trend is the Ultra Capsule Wardrobe, sponsored by the facility of having a self-storage option, to move more freely.  Less stress means you can focus better on what you find fulfilling. 

5 Tips for Packing Clothes for Long term storage

1. Wash all clothes before packing 

Wash and carefully dry your clothes before packing.  As you pack you can use the technique of rolling them rather than folding them, which means they will not have heavy creases and it is a more ergonomic packing method.  

2. Only use vacuum seal storage for short term storage

Vacuum storage bags are not great for long term storage as they can lead to clothes become misshapen and damaged.  If it is a temporary transit for them, they can be a great way of reducing space and bulk.

3. Use plastic containers with clip on lids

Plastic containers with click lids are ideal.  Transparent, easily stackable, and easy to access if you want to get hold of something from inside.  Perfect for an inventory or list system so you know what is in each box. 

4. Eliminate mustiness and moths

Mothballs have quite rightly got a bad rap.  But it’s important to keep the air fragrant in your storage boxes.  Cedarwood chips are popular for their pest repellant and odour removing qualities.  Alternatively, you can use essential oils soaked into the absorbent fabric to fragrance your boxes.  A great use for all those single socks you may come across whilst downscaling your wardrobe. 

5. Climate controlled storage unit

Keeping the pests at bay is one thing, ensuring that mould and damp don’t deteriorate your clothing library is another.  With a fully insulated storage unit, you can eliminate mould, condensation and dampness from the equation.  A professional storage unit, with sealed plastic boxes, is going to ensure the best protection for your stored garments throughout all seasons.  A drive up storage unit with 24 hour access is going to provide you with the most flexibility.  If you are moving away for a while or travelling, there is great value in having the peace of mind, that you have secured your stuff safely for your return. 

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