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The Ultimate Deep Clean Checklist 

Posted on 3rd August 2022 by The Aussie Team
The Ultimate Deep Clean Checklist 

There are many times when a Deep Clean is called for, but what exactly defines the depth of the clean? Is a Spring clean a deep clean and what about an End of Tenancy clean? If you have sold up and are moving on, what kind of clean do you need to bequeath the next inhabitants?  Not only is the infamous Deep Clean a bit ambiguous, but sometimes we are so busy, or familiar with our environment we can’t see the wood for the trees.   Hence the need for a deep clean checklist.  We have set out a deep clean checklist for you, and any cleaning company you hire, to finally define what gets cleaned in the Ultimate Deep Clean. 

Deep Clean Strategy 

It’s inevitable in life during major transitions like moving house or leaving a place that chaos creeps into the mix.  All it takes is a little upheaval and objects turn themselves into bewildering obstacle courses.  Plus, there is a lot of organizing, and cleaning generally gets left to the last moment.  As a result, overwhelm and stress can kick in at this stage in the process.  However, it need not be like that, if you have a system and checklist.  At Aussie, we are experienced in the removals industry and have tried and tested expertise on why planning, scheduling, and lists are important to a stress-free move.  In order to approach or advise others who will be cleaning on your behalf, this checklist will cover all bases.  To make it simple we are breaking it down room by room, which is an effective strategy for both packing and unpacking. 

Whole House 

Take a general view of the deep cleaning standard for the whole house, and then apply it to each room.  This is a guideline for what to consider for the whole house in general. If you bear these things in mind and apply them to each room, you will be well on the way to a Deep Clean.  Alternatively, if you are packing up, getting everything prepared like this will make the next stage of the process so much easier.  

  • Dust, Vacuum, Mop the whole house 
  • Clean all windows and window frames 
  • Clean all skirting boards, light switches, handles 
  • Clean all bins and waste receptacles 
  • Check fire and carbon monoxide alarms 
  • Clean all blinds and curtains
  • Wipe down houseplants 
  • Spot clean stains about the house 


The kitchen is a great place to start because it can set the tone for the rest of the house and inspire you to keep the standard high as you clean.  Also, tackling jobs like the oven and freezer can get the more involved cleaning out of the way.  

  • Clean the Oven and stove and all surrounding areas
  • Clean the refrigerator and freezer, defrost if necessary
  • Clean the dishwasher and rinse the filters 
  • Clean all cupboards, drawers and storage spaces 
  • Clean splashbacks, countertops and surfaces
  • Clean the sink and all associated areas
  • Sweep, vacuum, and mop floor 

Living Room 

  • Wipe down furnishings
  • Spot Clean carpets, rugs 
  • Vacuum and dust all furniture 
  • Wipe down electronics and remote controls 
  • Wash soft furnishings and cushion covers 
  • Clean floor


  • Clear out old toiletries 
  • Clean the showers, bath and sinks 
  • Wash the shower curtain/check fittings for mould
  • Clean grout and silicon seals 
  • Toilet, interior, base and tank 
  • Taps, metal work and fixtures 
  • Clean glass and mirrors with window cleaner 
  • Clean floor 


  • Turn mattresses 
  • Clean under bed and all floor areas
  • Wash bedding, throws, cushions and curtains
  • Dust and clean furniture and cupboards 
  • Clean floor

Laundry room


  • Clean front door and porch
  • Clean all doormats and entranceways
  • Clean all outdoor furniture 
  • Sweep pathway to the door 

3 Tips to enhance the process 

If you are tackling the cleaning yourself, you may want to bear these points in mind. 

  1. Cleaning can be a great process; you can listen to music or an audiobook while you work.  You are bringing fresh energy to your home or closing a chapter.  It is good to take the time to make it an enjoyable activity. 
  2. Cleaning exchange – if you get a friend to come help you clean, you can enjoy the process of working together. In exchange, you will do the same for them.  Having support and a sense of teamwork keeps any sense of overwhelm at bay. 
  3. Stock up with cleaning supplies, vacuum bags, and everything you need before you begin.  It’s important to stay focused when working, and you want to have everything you need to get the job done. The right tools for the job are essential! 

Hiring a professional team 

In the case of moving home, an end-of-tenancy clean can be a godsend, when there are so many other factors you need to keep your eye on. The above list covers everything in an end-of-tenancy clean, though there may be an emphasis on disinfecting surfaces which is common nowadays.  In Airbnb’s enhanced cleaning protocol, sterilizing and disinfecting spaces is standard practice.   Limescale deposits in the bathroom and stubborn mould in the grout may take extra specialized cleaning, so be sure to factor that in.  At Aussie, we know how important reliable cleaners are as part of the moving process, so we are happy to support local companies which can deliver in this department.  Hiring a reliable cleaner or cleaning company, that can handle an end-of-tenancy clean can take this checklist right out of your hands. 

Why is an end-of-tenancy clean important? 

Apparently half of the disputes which are adjudicated by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme concern cleaning.  If you can clean the property back to what it was like when you moved in, you are more likely to get the whole deposit back.  In order to have a good reference, you will want to have a good relationship with your previous landlord.  Similarly, in the case of house sales, it is important to leave the home in a good way.   Disputes can arise with legal fees ensuing if issues are raised about the state of the property which has been bought. 

Aussie Bath 

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