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Moving Back to the UK from Europe and the Rest of the World

Posted on 18th April 2022 by The Aussie Team
Moving Back to the UK from Europe and the Rest of the World

Are you getting ready to move back to the UK from Europe or another part of the world? If so, there are a few things you need to know. This blog will talk about some of the most important things to consider when moving back to the UK, such as visas and healthcare. We’ll also provide some tips on making the process easier for you.

It can be hard to move home after living in another country after being used to a different way of life. For people who have spent years living in Europe or any other corner of the world, moving back to their home country can seem daunting. The good news is that it can be a relatively smooth process with a bit of planning and organisation. Here are some tips to make the process a little bit easier.

What to Consider When Moving Back to the UK –

The last two years have been a shock to the system. Many people re-evaluate where and how they live, especially those living overseas. Lots of people were unable to fly over for family occasions due to government and international restrictions. But this is all about change as British citizens prepare themselves before heading back home in 2022.

London is a fantastic place to live, work and play. However, as anyone who has ever heard of moving abroad will know – planning an international move can be challenging. That’s why we recommend that you book your relocation with one of our top-rated removals companies for it to go smoothly from start to end. It doesn’t matter if they’re professional or not because what matters here at Aussie Man & Van.

You might not have known that Aussie doesn’t just move people out of Bath. We also transport thousands across Europe and globally every year. Our team can also reverse the process and relocate you back home. We have several associate companies inside our elite network with stellar reputations for removals and storage. This includes facilities all over Great Britain and partners spread throughout mainland Europe.

The Process of Moving Back to the UK from Overseas –

Whether you are relocating to London or need some advice on how best to prepare for your move, having a detailed plan will ensure that everything gets done in time. One way of doing this is by making an advance list and creating deadlines, so there’s no room left over during the week when it comes down right before carrying out each task at hand.

You’ll need to include the following points in your moving checklist:

  1. List every task for your relocation.
  2. Use a blank calendar to map a timeline.
  3. Assign tasks from the list on a calendar.
  4. Research removals companies and seek quotes.
  5. Check online ratings on Google and Trustpilot.
  6. Balance the two and choose the most suitable company.
  7. Book your relocation back to the UK with Aussie.
  8. Contact an estate agent, landlord, or agency to arrange accommodation in England or the UK.
  9. Check visa requirements for any family who are foreign nationals.
  10. Declutter and reduce the volume of your possessions before shipping.
  11. If you’re buying a property – discuss the contact information for utility providers.
  12. Complete packing duties or consult with your removals company.
  13. Double-check each point two weeks before your move.

You should contact Aussie to discuss your intentions to relocate back home from your current location. We will be there for you at all stages, ensuring that the big day arrives without any hiccups or issues. Additionally, adding a Packing service might be possible if this sounds like too much work via our partner associate company. Doing so will alleviate stress levels and leave you to get on with other essential duties.

Resources for Expats Moving Back to the UK –

Moving back to the UK won’t be without its challenges, especially if you’ve been living overseas for a long time. To help make the transition as smooth as possible, there are numerous resources available to expats. The first step is to research the Visa requirements for your specific situation. Depending on your citizenship status and the length of time you’ve been away, you may need to apply for a visa before returning to the UK. This is also relevant for your family, who might be foreign nationals.

Once you have your visa sorted out, it’s time to start thinking about where you’re living. If you don’t have family or friends in the UK, several housing options are available, including hotels, BnBs, and using Airbnb for temporary accommodation. You can search online job boards or sign up for an agency to give you a helping hand to find work.

You’ll need to start planning for school if you have a young family. The first stop for many people is the government website. This site provides helpful information on various topics, including getting a visa, finding a job, accessing the NHS, or going private. It’s also worth registering with the Overseas Registrar, a free service that helps expats keep track of important dates and deadlines.

Tips for Settling into Life in the UK Again –

Moving back to the UK after living overseas will undoubtedly mean settling back into the lifestyle, not to mention potentially colder weather. Here are a few tips to help you settle back into life in the UK:

  • If you’ve been living in a warmer climate, be prepared for the cooler temperatures in the UK. Pack some warmer clothes for the winter months.
  • Learn about the public transportation system in the UK before you arrive in your new location. This will make getting around much more manageable.
  • Get to know your new neighbourhood. Explore the local shops, restaurants, and parks. Talk to your neighbours and get involved in the community.
  • Register with a GP (general practitioner) as soon as possible. You’ll need to do this if you want to access free healthcare in the UK.
  • Start looking at the job market and signing up to agencies now. LinkedIn is an excellent resource for both in-house and freelance opportunities.
  • Find an estate agent or letting agency in your new city or town.

Choose a Reliable International Moving Company –

You know how expensive moving can be, so finding the right removals company is important. There are plenty of tips for navigating this process and getting great value from your money spent. Before booking any service with an unfamiliar firm, the first thing you should do is seek at least three quotes to get pricing information on their services and gauge customer care quality assessment through online reviews or recommendations.

As family and friends for suggestions if they’ve recently gone through the relocation process. Companies often put a lot of effort into marketing themselves on Google, but you should also check out their Trustpilot review. This will provide data and access to testimonials from previous customers that can help determine if this company is worth doing business with or not!

You’ll be able to weigh up online scores alongside costs when looking for a balance between quality service delivery at Aussie Man & Van – we’re proud of our five-star rating through strict policies, including BAR affiliation, which ensures accountability. It all results in the best option for relocating back to the UK.

Aussie Man & Van Bath – Your Best Option for a Successful Move Back to the UK –

Aussie Removals is Bath’s favourite company because we have a ‘can-do’ approach to everything. This includes our European moving services, which are just as important and stressful for us as any other type of job. When you book with us, it’s not only about the moving day – there will always be someone available to discuss your relocation.

When you need to move, several things should be taken into consideration. One crucial factor is ensuring the company has accreditation and quality policy certification before hiring them for your own moving needs. This will provide not only peace of mind but also protection against any potential damages or injuries during transport. You’ll have the assurance of working with professional movers who know what they’re doing at every stage.

Let the Aussie team take care of the details for you. We have decades of experience relocating people from Europe and worldwide destinations back to the UK. Our team knows what it takes to get everything on track. Our reputation speaks for itself, and we have the capacity to move people in both directions.

Click here, and we’ll go through the steps for moving you back to the UK. We’ll provide you with a thorough quotation with details on the most suitable removals package.