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Top Things to do in Bath When You’re in Town House Hunting

Posted on 13th March 2022 by The Aussie Team
Top Things to do in Bath When You’re in Town House Hunting

Bath is a city that enjoys a widespread reputation as a great place to visit, as well as somewhere to put your roots down for would-be new residents. If you’re thinking of moving to any location that you’re not entirely familiar with, you should visit more than once for a few days at a time. This also means doing lots of research on house prices, the cost of living, and any local services you require.

Fortunately, by looking at places in Bath, you’ll also have lots of things to occupy your free time and can turn it into a mini holiday. This will make those journeys for viewings must easier, and you’ll never get everything done in one or two trips. With lots of smaller villages and towns nearby the city, you’ll have plenty of options for housing when looking at properties.

How to Get the Most Out of Property Scouting –

It’s vital to get some first-hand experience before you start becoming attached to the idea of an area. While online research is essential, it lacks that connection and lived experience. That’s why it’s necessary to go offline and do some personal fact-finding. And if Bath is on your wish list, you can take this opportunity to plan a proper trip.

Bath is a city that has so much to offer, and we’ll go through some of the visitor highlights in the next section. In fact, there’s so much happening here, and you’ll need to relocate here just to fit it all in! In addition to the vibrant city, many towns and villages are close. And because of excellent transport provision, it’s easy to get around, even without a car.

You should discuss your relocation with a local estate agent in Somerset to have someone on the ground for you, especially if you live far away. They’ll be able to line up block viewings and filter out anything that doesn’t fit your requirements. But the main thing to do is plan an overnight stay first. This will give you an honest appraisal of the city at different times of the day and night.

The Best Bath Attractions for Your Visit –

Roman Baths – the world-famous Roman Baths are the centrepiece of what makes Bath a truly unique city. At nearly two thousand years old, this pristine monument to England’s past attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. The latest exhibits and reconstructions provide an incredible view into the past to see just how vital the Roman Baths were to their society.

Enjoy the Culture – whether you’re a keen thespian or art enthusiast, you won’t struggle to find something that fits your taste in Bath. The city has several museums and art galleries, including the Jane Austin Centre and Victoria Art Gallery.

Bath Skyline Walk – the Bath Skylinev is open all year round and can be extraordinarily beautiful during the autumn and winter. The six-mile footpaths take you through an array of different sites and views of Bath. If you want a truly stunning view of Bath, the panoramic views that Alexandra Park offers are unforgettable.

Spa Weekends and Shopping – in addition to its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bath is a favourite destination for shopping and pampering weekends. With a mix of local produce and high-end fashion, Bath is a must for shopping enthusiasts. Additionally, Bath is one of the most popular places for a relaxing spa retreat in the UK, and the two go nicely together.

Vital Local Service Providers to Contact –

There are a few places you can get more guidance as you gather your information together. As you might expect – Bath has a flourishing tourism sector, and it’s a massive boon for the local economy. Visit Bath is the main focal point, and they have a wealth of resources about activities, events, and details about specific areas in Somerset. Check out their site and see what Bath and Somerset have to offer.

It will be best to consider your family’s needs in detail for each person’s needs. Do you have school-age children? Does anyone have any health issues? You’ll need to live somewhere that accommodates and has the quality of education and care you require. Plus, think about activities and entertainment for them.

Bath & North East Somerset Council has a lot of resources on both, especially for education. They’ll have lists of all schools and preschools in the area, including ratings and Ofsted reports. Also, they tend to host all the events and other initiatives in data order and send them out by email. It might also be worth checking for other local forums and Facebook groups.

Choosing the Right Removals Service –

Meeting our customer’s exact specifications for their relocation is the Aussie team’s number one priority. That entails choosing the right removal vehicle and the correct number of team members. Then, once we have completed a thorough assessment of your possessions, we will be able to suggest the most suitable removals package for your needs.

If you’re moving to Bath or a nearby town or village in Somerset, we suggest using a man and van service. Aussie’s Man & Van package is ideal for apartments or houses with less than three bedrooms. The smaller vans are simpler to load in densely populated areas without causing issues with your neighbours or passing traffic. Additionally, the man with a van vehicle is more accessible to navigate through heavy city-centre traffic.

We will suggest our Home Removals service for people who have more than three bedrooms. The larger removals vans can pack and take everything in one trip. Our team has plenty of experience loading these vehicles in busy areas, and we’ll keep any disruption to a minimum. Whichever package we suggest, we’ll always go through them in detail to highlight how they’re the most affordable and efficient for your needs.

Self Storage when Relocating in Stages –

Everyone has different reasons for moving and circumstances surrounding the relocation that make them unique. Some will get it all done in one journey, packing everything from their home on the moving day. This tends to be the usual setup because it’s simple and doesn’t require multiple locations. But it’s not always the case for each job, so it’s necessary to understand every aspect.

If you’re moving long distances, staggering the relocation into separate, smaller parts has advantages. An example might be when someone sends a part-load of their possessions before they intend to arrive. They would then go into storage until the next step. Another example is moving full boxes and containers out of the home during the packing stages. You then stagger the packing process over a few weeks prior to the relocation.

Both examples are ideal for international moves, which might require a more flexible plan and process. The bottom line to note is that storage offers more security and flexibility to relocations to other parts of the country and further afield. Aussie knows each situation requires specific solutions and target the correct details. And we’ll assess and evaluate everything thoroughly from the start.

Use This Method to Find the Best Companies –

Everyone wants to receive the best service possible, but finding the right company is not always easy. Word of mouth is still valid now as it was in years gone by, so ask around for suggestions. There’s a far better way to do this that won’t require you to ask for tips from Facebook. And all it takes is a bit of detective work on your keyboard.

Most businesses have websites or other pages that are live on Google, and that means you can rate their performance after using them. Trustpilot is a dedicated rating platform that provides the same function. Each business has an overall rating out of five, and you can also read individual testimonials from previous customers. This should give you a decent idea of what level of customer service you can expect to receive. Another tip is to go to each company’s website and see if they offer a Quality Policy.

Then seek quotes from any potential company to get some financials to work with. That said, remember to look at things from the perspective that excellent customer service is good value for money. If you’re able to balance the two evenly, you have the winner. We always strive for the best possible service that we couple with affordable prices, giving you the best of both worlds.

Aussie Man & Van – Ready to Relocate You to Bath in 2022 –

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ removals company that works hard to ensure our customers have a successful relocation. Moving to a new home will always have some disruption; we will ensure no unnecessary delays from our side. We ask our clients to be mindful of planning thoroughly and early, and we practise what we preach.

Aussie Man & Van is Bath’s number one removals and storage provider. We are also happy to work with customers throughout Somerset and the neighbouring areas. At Aussie, we have the right removals service to fit your needs. And we’ll be as flexible as possible to accommodate any individual specifications.

Every relocation requires planning, even if you’re moving to another part of Somerset or the surrounding areas. The Aussie team guarantee that you will get value for money by choosing us. We can offer a comprehensive removals service that attains the highest standard of service. We also have storage options available if you require a safe and secure unit for specific items.

If you would like to discuss our range of removals services in Bath, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’ll gladly discuss every service we offer in more detail and provide a free quote.