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Our Guide for People Moving from Bath to Europe

Posted on 20th December 2021 by The Aussie Team
Our Guide for People Moving from Bath to Europe

If your next relocation is one where you’re moving overseas, you’ll have more than enough to organise leading up to the big day. That’s why you need to work with a reputable removals company to ensure everything runs smoothly. With so many to choose from in Bath, knowing which provider to book with is not always easy. So, before you commit, it’s essential that you do some research online to see what other people rate their services.

Aussie Man & Van operates throughout Europe and can relocate you to most cities and towns on the continent. We’re known as the best in Bath for overseas moves, and we have the right network of partner companies to handle any long-distance relocation. We’ll go through the basics you need to know to prepare correctly for your new start in another country.

The Benefits of a Man & Van Service for European Removals –

When it comes to moving abroad, no part of the process is more or less important than the rest. If you skip over a detail, it could come back to bite you later. That’s why it pays to work with a moving company that makes regular trips to destinations throughout Europe every week. And Aussie can take you to every major European city, town and even the more remote villages on the continent.

From experience, it takes strong and long-lasting partnerships to enable these types of relocations. And we only work with companies with the same ethos of customer service to match our own. Having a network of associates is essential if we need to make a stopover, and it’s necessary to borrow space in a depot or storage warehouse.

Whether we’re moving you from a five-bed house or a two-bed flat, Aussie will apply our experience to choose the best service. Most people think it’s only possible to perform an international relocation with a larger removal’s van. It might surprise some that we often utilise our Man & Van service for European moves. That’s because it’s more economical to use the smaller vehicles if it matches the volume of items.

Additionally, they work well for larger consignment jobs to assist with unloading and overseeing the relocation. And we have a range of removals services for people who are moving overseas. Each package aims to offer a different option for domestic and business clients. We have a team of experts in packing and handling which means the ultimate level of protection for your belongings. We can also assist with the paperwork for moves outside of Europe.

Other Tips on Moving to Europe or Internationally –

Every removals situation has different points to consider, but it can be tricky once you start crossing borders and oceans. To make sure you don’t lose focus, this section will go through some vital international moving tips. Begin by finding out as much about your new home as possible. This means doing some research online, and it’s advisable to compile a list of useful contacts.

You’ll need to understand where you’re moving to, so visit your new town or city at least once. By spending time there, you’ll feel more confident it’s the right choice. Then it’s crucial to understand the rules and regulations of purchasing a property there. There will be restrictions on foreign property ownership, lots of red tape, and costly fees. Some countries are notorious for allowing long-drawn-out waiting periods.

And before you get to this point, find out what the visa requirements are and request clarification. To do this, contact the UK embassy in the city you’re considering moving to and ask for details. It’s likely that English isn’t the native tongue, so learn the local language now. Being able to communicate is all part of integrating into your new location. You can socialise, ask for directions, and find new friends in the country you’ll soon call home.

Choosing the Right International Removal Company –

We mentioned it earlier, but we’ll go over this again – you must use a reliable company to move you. Reputation goes a long way, and that’s why you should research every company thoroughly. You can do this by checking them out on Google Live and Trustpilot and reading what previous customers say about them. The aim is to find companies that have primarily five-star ratings.

Aussie is more than happy to say we fit that description. We aim to keep it that way by providing excellent customer service. And that means you can be 100% confident that your belongings will reach your new destination in perfect condition. That’s the most important aspect of any European or international relocation – avoiding any breakages and damage at every stage.

Aussie employs a team of experts who know how to arrange the removal’s van to reduce the chances of collisions. To do this, they tap into the decades of experience, and we provide the best removal’s tools to get the job done. This includes equipment to protect interior walls and move furniture and appliances from top-floor apartments.

Using Storage for Overseas Relocations – 

We know what packages are popular from the many years of moving individuals and businesses overseas. Many people use storage for international relocations, but it might not seem obvious why at first. The nature of moving abroad is different from local or national situations. There’s a higher degree of complications to consider, and sometimes they don’t work out.

That’s why many of our customers leave some possessions in the UK, rather than taking everything in one go. Due to them vacating their home for the move, storage offers a secure place for the things they’re leaving behind. You can store as long as is necessary – we’ll make sure to assist with preparing items. We can also collect with a man & van service to save you time.

Our team can also take over the packing duties for you, freeing you up to tackle other tasks. This includes an inventory of the items staying in storage, making it possible to know what’s there. You’ll always identify exactly what’s in your storage unit. And you can access it whenever you need to during business hours without restrictions if you choose self storage.

Complete Office Relocations for Businesses Leaving Bath –

When discussing international relocations, we’re not exclusively talking about household customers. Aussie also provides full office relocations to anywhere on the continent. This also applies to commercial enterprises – there are no limitations to what we can handle. You’ll receive the same high-quality service when relocating your company.

International business removals have other considerations from domestic jobs. For starters – there’s typically a higher amount of furniture and electronic equipment to disassemble and put back together at the new destination. It also requires a specialist IT expert or team to look after the migration. We’ll also utilise a lead moving manager to oversee the more complicated jobs.

It involves a strategy where assessment and meeting deadlines are critical components. The last thing we tolerate is unnecessary downtime, and the goal is to have you up and running straight away. While this is trickier for international office relocations, it’s possible to plan and execute the perfect office removal abroad with preparation.

Aussie – Bath’s Number One European Man & Van Service – 

Aussie is Bath’s favourite removals company because of our ‘can-do’ ethos. We apply this positive approach to every service we offer, and it’s no different for European removals. When you book with us, it’s not just about the moving day – we’re with you at every stage, including the planning and preparation period. You can always speak to someone if you need to discuss your upcoming relocation or you’re seeking quotes.

The golden rule is to take your time to make sure you’re working with a reputable company. Only book with a removals company with BAR accreditation and a Quality Policy. Moreover, ask for a free, no-obligation quotation that covers you from your starting and end destination. You should also see if they can provide a moving manager for complicated jobs.

At Aussie, we tick all the boxes and bring decades worth of experience to every job we sign up for. We have tens of thousands of European and international relocations under our belt for these very reasons. Our reputation allows us to work with hundreds of people starting a new life overseas. And what makes it even better is when we receive a referral from happy customers.

You can receive the best international moving service in Bath by clicking here. We’ll put together a free quote and go through the most suitable removals package for your requirements.