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Aussie Man & Van – Bath’s Favourite Removals Service for Smaller Homes

Posted on 18th January 2022 by The Aussie Team
Aussie Man & Van – Bath’s Favourite Removals Service for Smaller Homes

If you’re planning your next relocation, it’s always worth starting as early as possible to avoid any issues. After you know when your moving date will be, your next step should be to look around to find a suitable and reliable removals company. And for residents of Bath, there is one company that fits the bill perfectly for your upcoming move.

Aussie Man & Van has been operating in London for many years, and we have a reputation for being the capital’s best removals company. And now, customers in Bath enjoy the same high standard of customer service. So, if you’re moving from a two-bed or smaller house or apartment, we have the right removals service for you.

How to Get Value for Money when Moving – 

It’s not easy finding an affordable house or apartment when you’re on the market for your next home. Then it becomes even less so when you start navigating the financial side of things, only to find many figurative doors slamming in your face. Applying for a mortgage is a slog, but having your application accepted is another point. The likelihood of rejection is very real and a bit deflating, especially if you work full-time and genuinely deserve a chance at homeownership.

Alas, there is some light at the end of the tunnel, and we’re not going into doom and gloom overdrive. You can look for housing developments that cater to affordable housing and a practical route to owning a property. And in most circumstances, they will link you with a housing scheme for their properties. But you’ll need to do your homework to see what matches your circumstances.

Additionally, those who can manage a renovation project have other options to consider. Buying a property via an auction and developing it will save money, but the workload will be significant. It’s crucial that you crunch the numbers thoroughly to understand your budget. If you’re happy to do hands-on stuff – you stand to save tens of thousands of pounds.

Tips on Finding the Ideal Home –

The first piece of advice we’ll impart is to surround yourself with the right people. You’ll struggle without professional services if you’re new to this. And in this instance, your safest bet is to work with an estate agent. Get someone on board straight away and liaise with them throughout the preparation stage. Put together a wish list with all things you would like in a property. You might have to revise when the agent advises what’s in your budget range.

It’s also going to be homework time – you’ll be doing plenty of online research as you look for the ideal property. When you have a few favourite areas, list some of the average house prices in each location. Include different property types, such as a four-bed detached, a cottage, and so on. You’ll get an accurate idea of asking prices before you start viewing.

Also, think about local amenities and entertainment that’s nearby. Do you have healthcare or a young family? This will also play a significant factor in your final decision because you need the surrounding area to meet your needs. Transport is often critical as it links with work. When you combine everything – you can visit the most suitable locations for an overnight visit.

Self Storage for Smaller Properties –

Let’s discuss something that might initially put you off when property scouting. While you might want a big house with plenty of wardrobes and other storage spaces, don’t automatically write off smaller properties straight away. You might discover that your budget only gives you a certain size of building. But when you view, think of things in terms of quality of rooms, the outdoor areas, and the location itself.

It’s possible to find a slightly smaller house or flat that tick all the boxes but lacks things like under stairs cupboards, or it only has a single garage. Compromise is essential when you begin viewings. If the issue is storage space rather than the room sizes – we have a solution. Aussie’s storage customers often mention that our storage units are an extension of their home or office.

Plus, you won’t start filling the garage or loft up with boxes of unknown contents. The truth is that neither room should become storage provisions, and you can use them for better purposes from the day you move in. You can find an affordable house or apartment and enjoy its living spaces. And by using self storage, you’ll be able to keep the clutter to a minimum and let storage do its thing.

Affordable Removals in Bath with Aussie –

Aussie Man & Van service in Bath is ideal for anyone who are moving out of a two-bedroom house or apartment. People tend to have fewer possessions when they are in more compact homes, meaning you don’t need a large vehicle. Most man and van services are usually cheaper across the industry, but Aussie goes one further than most. We only charge you by the hour for this package, so you only pay for what you use.

Our man and van vehicles suit smaller loads and inner-city or town relocations. So, if you’re moving from one part of Bath to another, we suggest going with our Man & Van service. No matter your requirements, we will always make a case for you to choose the most efficient and cheaper option.

The smaller vans are also much better for navigating through the city during peak hours. We try and plan to avoid it, but no one can predict congestion. The smaller vans can change routes and utilise minor roads to avoid any undue delays in this situation.

Aussie’s Man & Van service comes with two expert team members who have years of removals experience. We will assess the amount of furniture and appliances moving with you. From there, we will suggest the most suitable removals package. Then, we will confirm the date of relocation to work out how we can assist with packing and creating an inventory of your possessions.

Storage Available for Gaps in Moving Dates –

Aussie offers a variety of complimentary services that can link with our removals packages or for separate use. Our Bath facility is the best in the area, with a range of domestic and business storage packages to match everyone’s needs. We bring our London A-game for removals and storage to Bath, and we now work with hundreds of Bathonian’s every week.

There are many reasons people use our storage facilities, one being gaps between moving dates. Even the most thoroughly planned relocations can hit obstacles. If the seller isn’t ready to move out due to a delay in their own relocation, you might feel like you’re in limbo. Fortunately, Aussie’s customers know they can store their possessions with us until the new arrival date.

There are two main types of storage: self storage and container storage. Self storage is perfect for people who need regular access to their belongings. Additionally, self storage usually suits customers who only need a short-term storage option. Container storage is cheaper and tends to be the preference of people who need long-term storage. The level of access is much less than self storage, so you’ll need to work out how often you plan on visiting your unit.

Aussie’s Bath facility has state of the art security measures to ensure your possessions are one hundred percent safe and secure. Renting a storage unit means you’re safeguarding your furniture and other items from theft or damage.

Affordability and Customer Service for Moving Time – 

We’re now going to move forwards in time. You have found the ideal property, everything checks out, you submit a bid, and it’s accepted. The paperwork and payments are clear – you’re now officially a homeowner. You need to book a removal company, but you want to save some money. Before we elaborate – please don’t book the cheapest provider without investigating them. It’s necessary to balance value for money and customer service.

You can achieve this by checking out Google Reviews and Trustpilot for each potential company’s overall ratings. There’s also an option to read the reviews previous customer leave, and it’s vital that you do this. To ensure you book with a reputable company, only consider ones that average over four stars overall. You can read Aussie’s five-star reviews here to see why we’re a safe bet.

Also, you can consider phoning or sending an email to them to see how they respond. It’s not standard practice, but top-quality moving companies often set a Quality Policy. They’ll list it on their website, but you can also inquire about this when you contact them. This helps to promote accountability and service delivery. Remember to seek out three or more quotes to compare. Then balance everything together – Aussie covers all bases.

Aussie Man & Van – Bath’s Favourite Man & Van Removals Company –

Aussie has spent over twenty years building our company in London, and we’re now in the position to attain the same pedigree in Somerset. We relocate hundreds of people to Bath every year, so the choice to set up a branch here was an easy one. The residents of Bath can rely on a higher standard of customer service for removals and storage.

One aspect of removals and storage we also like to ensure favour our customers are our low prices. We work hard to keep our rates at or below the industry standard, passing on any savings through efficiency to our clients. Aussie caters for all types of business and domestic removals and storage. There is no job we can’t undertake.

The Aussie team are highly trained professionals who demand the best results for every removals job. This ‘can-do’ attitude is what gives us our reputation as Bath’s best removals and storage provider. Our Man & Van team will turn up early and complete your relocation on time. And we guarantee you’ll receive excellent service delivery.

If you’re moving from a two-bedroom house or apartment in Bath, then our Man & Van service is ideal for your needs. Click here, and we’ll go through an assessment to provide you with a free quote.