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How to Create an E-Commerce Business in Bath

Posted on 29th September 2020 by The Aussie Team
How to Create an E-Commerce Business in Bath

At the moment, there are lots of people who are either actively looking for new jobs or careers in Bath. Something as disruptive as a pandemic inevitably causes shifts within the business world. But it’s not just down to unemployment or redundancies – the lockdown has been a catalyst for change. One sector going through a boom is the e-commerce industry, and it’s possible to enter it without lots of previous experience.

Aussie Man & Van works with several entrepreneurs and start-ups who use e-commerce as part of their business. This allows us to pass on useful tips to potentially interested people in Bath who are looking at their career options.

Creating an E-Commerce Venture in Bath –

When it comes to starting a new business, the key thing to remember is it takes planning and research. So, if you’re reading this on your lunch break or while commuting home, consider this a starting point. Lots of people have ambitions to one day run their own company but a sense of doubt sets in. That’s why it’s crucial to remain positive and do whatever you can to begin your journey.

The good news for anyone in Bath is the location has a lot going for it. The city has tens of thousands of visitors every year from the UK and overseas. Additionally, the local economy has a lot of support from residents who make a point of using business in Bath. You’ll also find a lot of businesses to network and partner with.

If you’re looking for ideas on what type of business which you’ll see quick results, anything related to e-commerce is worth a look in. You don’t need to have years of experience to start, just a good sense for business and an ability to multitask. If you play your cards right, your return on investment is much shorter than most other industries.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the actions you need to take when starting a new enterprise, which includes creating a business plan. We’ll also cover things like networking, supply chains, ways to save money and other vital elements of a successful start-up. And there’s no better place than Bath to start a new business.

Man & Van Removals for Distribution Provision –

One of the things you’ll soon understand is starting a business involves a budget. For your first year or two of trading, it’s vital that you don’t overextend yourself with unnecessary expenses. If your business needs a vehicle to make collections or deliveries, your initial thought might be buying a vehicle or using a courier company. However, there’s an affordable alternative which will save you time and money.

Aussie has several business clients who use us for local and national distribution. Our Man & Van service is ideal for this purpose, making local logistics for collections and/or deliveries a simple task. We always assign two team members to handle goods or equipment. Everyone at Aussie is time-served and handles fragile and expensive items regularly.

Unlike a courier provider or doing this side of things yourself, Aussie’s team are all experts in handling goods which will reduce any issues with damage or breakages. Furthermore, they know exactly how to arrange everything in our vehicle to maximise space and reduce problems with objects colliding during transit.

By handing over your distribution to Aussie, you’ll be able to improve your efficiency. It’s one less task for your team to take on, and you can also streamline this with a self storage unit. You’ll also save the expense of buying or renting a van, which can make all the difference for a new enterprise.

Link with a Self Storage Unit for Stock –

The next part of the process is to find somewhere to keep your goods or work equipment. Aussie’s business self storage links with a man with a van service to create a distribution chain. This is scalable, which means it’s possible to be flexible to suit your company’s needs. For example, a new start-up might only need one self storage unit, and we can fit your deliveries in one van.

One of the key benefits of working with Aussie is the ease of access to our depot. We have drive-up self storage units available which makes it efficient and simple to load and unpack. For us, this system is a straightforward to run your company’s distribution without any delays. You have the peace of mind everything is running smoothly as you take care of the other aspects of your business.

Another thing you can consider is the possibility of running your whole operation from self storage units. It’s a growing trend in the start-up community to use a self storage unit as an alternative workspace, which we’ll go into more detail about later in this article. At a glance, with prices starting from £15 per week for storage, it’s easy to see how this helps your finances.

Aussie’s self storage units have environmental controls which include full insulation to prevent moisture and condensation from occurring. This gives you the peace of mind that everything that goes into your unit will remain in the same condition when it’s taken out. And we’ll also provide you with further advice on how to prepare items for storage.

Tips on Setting Up Your Business –

One of the best ways to approach any new business venture is to understand the importance of research. You’ll need to put yourself in the mindset of doing some every day and finding the best way of recording it for you. Even though a lot of e-commerce types of businesses can find customers fast, this doesn’t mean you should cut corners. Preparation and contingency plans will set you on the right path.

In light of the recent pandemic lockdown, understanding potential problems before they happen is necessary. And this brings us to the next point which is writing a business plan. It’s crucial to have a detailed overview of your business concept ready before you launch. If you’re seeking investment from third parties or via an SME grant scheme, a business plan will be requested. Plus, it’s a good way of improving your research skills as you build, edit, and update this plan.

The final consideration brings us back to budgeting and why you need to limit your expenses. By using Aussie for your distribution and storage, you’ll have an affordable way of controlling and sending out goods. If you run everything from one of our self storage units and you’ll reduce your rental outgoings significantly.

Finding Affordable and Alternative Workspaces –

To continue from the last section, it’s possible to rethink what a workspace is. In general terms, it’s a room that has access to electricity and the internet, as well as storage space for products and equipment. And it might also help to have somewhere to load and unpack goods from a vehicle quickly. You can achieve this by renting a self storage unit from Aussie, which will save you a fortune in rent.

All you need is a desk, an office chair, a filing cabinet, a computer, and an internet router. You can split the storage unit into two parts – one for your goods and the other for your make-shift office. It’s also an advantage having a man with a van service on-site to undertake all your collections and deliveries. It’s also possible to rent more than one unit if your start-up has a lot of products or materials. Some people rent two units and use one for stock and the other as a make-shift office.

Aussie’s reception staff can accept packages on your behalf and keep them in a secure place until you return to your unit. When you compare the costs between commercial rental property in Bath and a storage unit, it’s possible to save you thousands of pounds every month. Add in our distribution service instead of purchasing a vehicle or using a courier company, and you’re already making some smart financial choices.

Aussie Man & Van – Bath’s E-Commerce Friendly Provider –

Starting a new business isn’t easy, and you’ll need to prepare yourself for lots of planning and hard work. But it’s worth remembering the benefits and goals you’re working towards. This is your business, and you run things your way, without having to earn money for someone else. And it’s more than just profits – you get to set your hours to fit around your life.

By partnering with Aussie, you can turn your dreams of being a start-up entrepreneur into something tangible. We have the right removals and storage services to help any new enterprise send out orders to customers and associate companies. We’ll do everything possible to ensure your new business venture is a success.

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ removals and storage company, and we pride ourselves on being flexible. We’ll do everything to help you turn your idea into a successful venture. We guarantee our range of services will add value to your new business, and we always share useful information to our customers and followers regularly.

If you’re thinking of starting a new business this year, please contact us today. We’ll gladly discuss every service we offer in more detail to see how it can benefit new entrepreneurs and companies in Bath.