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Want to Start Your Own Business? Our Short Guide for Start-Ups in Bath

Posted on 25th June 2020 by The Aussie Team
Want to Start Your Own Business? Our Short Guide for Start-Ups in Bath

When it the best time to make a big change in your career’s path? That’s a difficult question to answer, although opportunities sometimes present themselves in unlikely ways. The recent lockdown has had a massive impact on the lives of people in Bath and throughout the UK. You might be lucky enough to remain healthy, but people have lost their job during the lockdown.

For others, the experience made a lasting impression which leads us to make some important decisions for the future. Aussie works with hundreds of entrepreneurs every year, and you can join them this year by starting your own business in Bath.

Why Bath is the Ideal Place for a Start-Up Company –

Start-ups and SMEs always benefit from having a lot of local support and thriving networks ready to tap into. It makes the initial phase of getting things going much easier and less daunting if there is something already in place. It also works out well if pre-existing logistics and distribution links set up to connect to suppliers and customers. To this end, Bath has it all; a business environment that’s powered by residents who want to support their local economy.

Another advantage new companies have when they set up in Bath is an influx of visiting trade as well as year-around local customers. Bath’s one of the UK’s favourite tourism spotsv, which attracts national and international clients. And the best part is the warm and welcoming atmosphere Bathonian’s offer to guests. It creates a positive experience for everyone, and it’s worth finding how your enterprise can utilise this.

You’ll need to do lots of planning before you launch your start-up, and a solid business plan is a crucial document. With reference to the latest Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of businesses were caught short by weaknesses they had little preparation for. This is where a SWOT analysis will help you detect any soft areas you can create contingency plans for. Research is key to doing so within a manageable budget, and it’s crucial that you don’t over-extend yourself in the first year of trading.

Partnering with business-friendly companies is a must to lower your costs while building up your experience and customer base. That’s where Aussie comes in as your number one company to partner with. We’re champions of start-ups and new businesses, helping hundreds of people realise their entrepreneurial dreams every year.

Local Distribution Using a Man & Van Service –

For your first twelve months of trading, it’s vital that you don’t overextend your budget and keep outgoings to a minimum. While your business needs a vehicle to make collections or deliveries (dependent on the business sector), you don’t need to buy one just yet. It’s also wise to avoid using a courier service regularly for this as the costs soon add up. We’re going to suggest something entirely different – use a man and van service for local distribution.

Aussie has several business clients who use us for local and national distribution. Our Man & Van service is ideal for this purpose, making local logistics for collections and/or deliveries a simple task. We always assign two team members to handle goods or equipment. Every member of the Aussie team has expert handling and packing skills.

We also guarantee that your goods will only be handled by experts to reduce any issues with damage or breakages while loading or unpacking. Additionally, our team know exactly how to arrange everything in our vehicle to avoid any objects making contact during transit. This is a massive advantage of using a removal’s company for distribution. Everyone at Aussie is time-served and handles fragile and expensive items regularly.

By handing over your distribution to Aussie, you’ll be able to improve your efficiency. It’s one less task for your team to oversee, and you can also streamline this with a self storage unit. More on this to follow. You don’t have to buy or lease a vehicle which will save you money. All-in-all, you stand to reap a lot of benefits without outlaying funds to purchase a van.

Streamline Distribution with Self Storage –

Aussie’s self storage package is the perfect way to link a man with a van service for local distribution. One of the key aspects of why this is ideal for start-ups who undertake collections and deliveries is the ease of access. We have drive-up self storage units available which make it efficient and simple to load and unpack. This provides you with a quick turnaround for getting things out of your unit and on the way to their destination.

It’s possible to run the whole operation from a unit, and it’s a growing trend in the start-up community to use a self storage unit as an alternative workspace. It’s easy to set up and will reduce costs by avoiding an expensive monthly commercial rental bill. From prices starting from £15 per week, you stand to save a small fortune by trying this option. Moreover, you can rent more than one unit and have a dedicated space for admin and another for stock and equipment.

Aussie’s self storage units have environmental controls which include full insulation to prevent moisture and condensation from occurring. This gives you the peace of mind that everything that goes into your unit will remain in the same condition when it’s taken out. And we’ll also provide you with further advice on how to prepare items for storage.

What Does a Full Office Relocation Entail?

Aussie works with hundreds of people and businesses every week, and that makes up a diverse set of needs. Every business client needs something specific from us, and even if two jobs are similar, they’re always nuances we need to account for. For this reason, we always provide a set office relocation package that we then tweak to suit each customer’s specifications. However, there are some parts of the process which still remain the same, which we’ll explain more about.

For us, it’s all about undertaking a thorough assessment of the information you provide during your initial communication. From here, we can create a free, no-obligation quote in addition to suggesting the most suitable removal’s package. Additionally, we’ll discuss downtime and how we plan on reducing it.

We’ll assign an experienced business move manager to oversee the entire relocation. They’ll work with you and your staff to devise the perfect office relocation for your needs. And you’ll have a direct line of contact with them throughout your move. Once you confirm your office removals job with us, we’ll timetable and schedule every stage in advance. Your office move manager will keep everyone in the loop with updates.

Aussie’s IT experts come with up-to-date training and all the latest handling equipment. Their decommissioning and recommissioning techniques ensure that everything works the way it should when you arrive at your new office. Furthermore, we offer support once the move is over to ensure that everything is working correctly. This aftercare service can provide you with assistance, as well as tips on best practice going forward.

Using Online Reviews to Get an Excellent Service –

When booking any service, you must use a reliable company. Reputation isn’t a badge of honour for bragging rights. It’s about having a flawless, proven track record of service delivery. By using Google Live and Trustpilot, you can see what previous customers thought of us by clicking here. Aussie is a five-star company, and we aim to keep it that way by providing excellent customer service for every job we take on.

It’s vital that you’re confident that your belongings will reach your new destination in the same condition they left in. At Aussie, we have a team of experts in packing and removals, and this means your possessions will be well protected during transit. Moreover, we’ll be able to assemble everything onsite, which includes IT and electronic equipment.

Through our network of partner removals companies, it’s also possible to undertake European office relocations. Furthermore, we only work with companies that have the same ethos of customer service that matches our own. And if you’re moving to a destination outside of Europe, we’ll assist with any paperwork. Simply put – there’s no business or commercial relocation we can’t handle.

Partner with Bath’s SME and Start-Up Champions –

Aussie has the best storage depot in Bath, and we have plans to make further improvements in the near future. Our security measures ensure that there is only one way to enter and exit the site. And record everything on state-of-the-art CCTV equipment. Security is a high priority for the Aussie team, and all our staff have vigilance training.

Although Aussie Man & Van is a relatively new removals company in Bath, we’re already gaining hundreds of new customers every month. Bath is our home, and we believe in providing the highest level of customer service. We cover the whole of Somerset and Wiltshire and often work with customers from other counties. Our team can store any number of items, and we have all the right tools and equipment to get the job done.

By partnering with Aussie, you can turn your dreams of being a start-up entrepreneur into something tangible. We have the right removals and storage services to help any new enterprise store and send out orders to customers and associate companies. We’ll do everything possible to ensure your new business venture is a success.

Aussie Man & Van – Bath’s ‘Can-Do’ Business Removals and Storage Company –

The truth is, starting a new business is tough going; otherwise, everyone would be doing it. You’ll need to take your idea and form it into something people want to trade with. However, regardless of how much research and hard work lies ahead, the benefits should be your goal. This is your dream, and you can shape everything from a unique vision. Why spend another year working a job you don’t like for a company you have little to no say in? Sometimes it’s worth taking a risk and seeing how it plays out.

Aussie works with hundreds of new businesses every year, and we see an upward trend in start-ups. While it’s inevitable that larger companies will always exist, something is changing in the business world. We’re no longer stuck with old ideas and ways of working, which has never been more apparent from the Covid-19 lockdown. Record numbers of people are working from home, and companies are rethinking how they operate to accommodate this going forward.

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ removals and storage company, and we pride ourselves on being flexible. We’ll do everything possible to take your requirements and match them with the right removals or storage package. We guarantee that you will get value for money by choosing Aussie. We can offer a comprehensive removals package that attains the highest standard of service.

If you would like to discuss our range of business services in Bath, please contact us today. We’ll gladly discuss every service we offer in more detail and provide a free, no-obligation quote.