Why our Customers Return to Use our London Man and Van Service

Only one company fits the bill if you’re looking for a man and van service in London. Aussie has worked with tens of thousands of household and business customers over the years, providing an unbeatable man and van service. With thousands of online reviews, you can be sure that our high standards and excellent customer service are second to none.

The Aussie team always arrives on time and completes each job efficiently and cost-effectively. There’s no better choice than Aussie for your next man and a van job in London. We’ll look at specific customer reviews in this blog to highlight why our customers book with us. More noteworthy, that many return to us again for future jobs and related services.


  1. Introducing Aussie – London’s Best Man & Van Provider
  2. Why you Should Choose Aussie for your Next Relocation
  3. How our Team Can Relocate Efficiently, Including Emergencies
  4. The Benefits of Using a Man and Van Service
  5. What to expect from Aussie when you Book with us 
  6. Aussie’s Top Tips for Moving to a New House 
  7. Aussie – Providing the Best Man & Van Service in London

Introducing Aussie – London’s Best Man & Van Provider 

“Great experience with Aussie! Super quick with quotes and booking- and the house was packed down in lightning speed! The removers were super professional and handled all my possessions with respect. I would use this service in the future and highly recommend- totally worth the investment – it takes away the stress and hassle of moving” – Amy Forsyth via Google Reviews

Moving to a new house or apartment in London isn’t a walk in the park. The good news is that there is no shortage of removal companies to choose from, but that’s also the bad news. If anything, this is when an abundance of choices becomes a burden of too many options. And every moving provider will state their claim as the best choice for your money.

That’s why it’s vital to vet each prospective company before you commit to anything. And that’s where Google and Trustpilot come to the rescue. While it’s true that some less scrupulous businesses pay for or ask their inner circle to post fake reviews, most are credible ones from customers. This blog will post genuine feedback from Aussie’s recent man and van clients, including a link to the review.

Why you Should Choose Aussie for your Next Relocation 

“Moved across London (studio to studio), they arrived right on time and had my stuff packed and moved to the new location in less than 2 hours. Definitely made the moving process stress-free, all I had to do was unpack.” – Kevin Wong via Google Reviews

While this might seem like we’re puffing our chests out, there’s a practical side to highlighting these reviews. It shows that our team is performing above and beyond customer expectations. And that means happy people are settling into their new homes without the hassle of dealing with lost or damaged property.

Relocating is one of the most stressful experiences you can put yourself through. If things don’t go to plan, the nightmare continues for days, weeks, and sometimes even months ahead. You don’t have to worry about recurring issues by choosing Aussie for your next move. We’ll be available to assist with the planning stages to ensure everything goes smoothly.

How our Team Can Relocate Efficiently, Including Emergencies 

“Fantastic, professional service and highly recommended. Due to last-minute complications, we had to book our removal last minute. Aussie was very accommodating and thankfully had availability on the required day, which was a huge weight off our minds in an inevitably stressful situation. The four-person crew on the day were efficient from start to finish and did a brilliant job of keeping everything secure and damage-free. Thanks, Aussie!” – Daniel Phillips via Google Reviews

When we think about relocations, you’ll probably have visions of months of organising. You’ll have nightmares about the chore of decluttering, sourcing moving boxes, and the painful goodbyes to neighbours and friends. But it all seems very abstract and far away, and the clever ones out there will chip away at the larger tasks in the weeks and months before the big day arrives.

However, a small percentage of Aussie customers contact us in a panic. They booked another company who cancelled on them or didn’t show up, giving them twenty-four hours (or less!) to vacate their premises. As you can see from the above review, this isn’t a problem for Aussie. Although we’re a sought-after moving company, we will do our utmost to organise an emergency relocation.

The Benefits of Using a Man and Van Service 

“Recently moved house locally but had several years worth of stuff! Aussie Man and [V]an sent a team of 5 to pack everything the day before, then moved it all to the new place next day. They put down carpet protector in both houses, [dis]assembled beds and put back together in new place, and put all boxes in the rooms we wanted. They then left us to unpack at our leisure then came back to collect all the empty boxes and tape / plastic to recycle it.” – Clive Gayton via Trustpilot

For most moving companies, there are core packages, and you must fit into that service. At Aussie, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach is lazy at best and ineffective at worst. Not only does this put the customer at a disadvantage, but it also doesn’t help us as a business. We find that having a flexible approach is a win-win, as you can see from this glowing review.

There are times when the client needs us to pack and prepare the day before. Renters often face a battle to move out of a property in the morning, usually before 11 am. Then they will coordinate with the new landlord (and their outgoing tenants) for the move-in. As you can imagine, this is almost impossible to do in one morning. So, we’ll head to the customer the night before to organise and pack everything, ready to load and head out the following day.

What to expect from Aussie when you Book with us 

“Really friendly team, quick and efficient service (even when dealing with a high-rise building). Well recommended by other moving companies and excellent value for money. Got back to us within an hour, and was a quick and easy process.” – Sam Robinson via Google Reviews

At Aussie, we set the bar high when it comes to expectations. Every team member understands our ‘can-do’ mantra is more than a marketing platitude. It’s our ethos to do whatever’s necessary to get the job done to the highest level of service delivery. And to do this, we give our removal teams the correct tools and equipment for tricky buildings, such as high-rise apartment complexes.

Ultimately, the success of any removal and storage job happens at the planning stages. Without thorough preparation, things can go wrong. That’s why we have assessment experts who often perform site visits to evaluate things like access and parking restrictions. Even if you’re moving from a five-bed house, that doesn’t mean we’ll automatically deploy a more extensive removal van. If we anticipate loading problems, we’ll create a plan to suit those requirements.

Aussie’s Top Tips for Moving to a New House 

“I can’t rate the team highly enough. They were on time, super speedy at loading and careful with all my boxes and furniture. They even reacted incredibly well to a tricky situation on the day. As completion was happening to both selling property and moving in property there was a wait to get in the next property and a clash with the person coming out of the new property I had purchased. The team kindly followed my instructions to stack all boxes and furniture in one room when space getting in and out was limited but they remained calm and efficient (hugely aiding a stressful day).” – Hannah Kokoschka via Google Reviews

Undertaking planning is something we also discuss with each customer we work with. If you’re well-versed in how relocation works, you’ll probably know how to prepare in advance. However, first-time buyers or people moving to another city might feel overwhelmed and anxious. Luckily, Aussie will be with you at every stage of your move, including the preparation stage.

We also understand the value of working with experts, which is why our teams have decades of experience. They can instinctively identify problems and deal with them without any fuss. You can plan for every eventuality but surround yourself with problem-solvers. For us, it’s all part of the job to tackle issues and ensure they don’t cause delays.

Aussie – Providing the Best Man & Van Service in London

Everyone at Aussie takes a huge sense of pride and achievement when we receive a positive review. It’s proof that we’re on the right track and attaining the high standards we set for ourselves. And in the rare occasion of negative feedback, we take measures to rectify the situation. That’s why we have a Quality Policy in place with stringent management protocols.

Our mission statement is simple: every customer deserves to receive excellent customer service. We do this by putting ourselves in their shoes. What sort of service would we want to receive? We answer this by giving them more options for removals and related services so that we can accommodate every type of relocation.Click here, and we’ll begin an initial assessment to see what removal service fits your needs. We’ll then provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

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