Who should you contact before moving?

Your move may be a little way off, but it’s never too soon to get organised and one of the aspects of moving that’s all too often overlooked is the need to apprise people of the imminent change of address. Here, we’ve drawn up a list of all the likely organisations and institutions who’ll need to stayed informed. Our advice is to sit down about a week before your moving day and work through the list methodically. 

  • Utilities and services, including gas, electricity and water companies (all should either be cancelled or moved over to your new address), TV licensing (can be done online), telephone, internet and TV services (not only cancelling or carrying over, but also to ensure that any required installation work can be done as soon as possible after your move), insurance companies, mobile phone contracts.
  • Healthcare should include dentists, doctors, vets, opticians and hospitals.
  • Financial – banks, loan companies, mortgages, credit card companies.
  • Place of work – it’s easy to forget this one; let your employer know your new details.
  • Miscellaneous subscriptions/accounts, including magazines, catalogue companies (if you really want to), loyalty cards from supermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants and department stores, reward programmes (e.g. Air Miles), and so on.
  • Driving License/Vehicle Registration – a particularly important one because failure to keep on top of this can result in a most unwelcome fine.
  • The Electoral Register – You certainly don’t want to lose your right to vote inadvertently, just because you overlooked this one. Updating it is easy, and can be done online, usually with just your National Insurance number at hand.
  • Once you’ve covered all of the above, have a think about whether there’s anything you’ve omitted. Help to jog your memory by looking at all your cards. Is there, for example, an Organ Donor card in your collection? If so, that needs updating too.

After you’ve worked your way through our list, remember that you can always cover any oversights by using the Post Office’s redirection service, if only for the first month or so that you’re in your new home. You can arrange all of this online.