Which houseplants work best in London homes? 

Which houseplants work best in London homes? 

With the biophilic revolution underway, you can’t miss the current trend of houseplant cultivation that has been fostered in Millennial soil. House plants have become big business in the UK and the value of this industry is climbing.  While the fashion for houseplants has waxed and waned over time, it is currently booming as noted in various broadsheet publications.  Due to changes in micropropagation, there are many tropical exotic houseplants available at affordable prices.  So, the range has increased since the 70’s when the fashion was last on trend, but now it goes way beyond the simple spider plant.  Biophilia means the love of life and living things and biophilic design is sweeping across public and workspaces establishing nature amidst technology and commerce.  If you want to get some biophilic edge into your London home, it couldn’t be easier, but first, consider these guidelines. 

Inspiration in London

It’s one thing to have a few houseplants as companions on window ledges, but the game has changed and it’s worth soaking up some inspiration before you begin.  Biophilic aesthetics blend plant life with interior design and can create stunning effects.  To immerse yourself in this new way of life get familiar with the art of indoor plants, different plants you like, and the way designers work with plants.  Even in the metropolis, there are plenty of opportunities.  You can visit the Garden Museum in Vauxhall to immerse yourself in this quintessentially English art form.The Houseplant Hideout in Hackney is an incredible design feat by designer DaeWha Kang and is a sensory installation created from indoor plants.  With light and sound installations and guided meditation, you are bound to fall in love with the potential of your new hobby.  To learn more about houseplants and their climates of origin you can read The Green Indoors by Maddie and Alice Bailey.  And for the Mecca of botanical pilgrimages, there is always the Temperate House at Kew Gardens.  

Interior design and Houseplants

There are various ways to make your houseplant collection work in your London home.  Jungalow is a design idea where interiors are modelled to include tropical prints and animal prints alongside hanging plants and large potted ferns.  Check out Jamie Song’s inspirational London home with incredible plant life.  Where you have a great biophilic theme you can see that plant containers are chosen in accord with the environment and overall impact.  Depending on your space, you will want to consider how best to position your new allies so they can thrive in the light.  Contemporary designs find gardening opportunities in the smallest spaces.  Consider making a balcony on a budget, or a vertical growing wall to maximize the opportunity in your home.  

Lighting for Houseplants 

While light may seem like a make-or-break issue for your aspirational indoor grove, there are lots of additional lighting options to improve conditions for plants in your home. This lighting guide can help illuminate the issue for you.  Luckily a variety of plants thrive in shade, partial shade, and partial light conditions, so there is scope for bringing foliage into your home whatever the lighting conditions.  Some plants like coloured LED lights so a bonus to your gardening endeavours can be a whole new funky interior light scheme.  Artificial light innovations now allow all kinds of new freedoms for indoor plant cultivation

Sourcing houseplants in London 

The houseplant sensation is propagated all over the city, there are many guides to the best places to buy plants in London. Plus, if shopping in real time is not your thing you can access a variety of plant delivery services here.  For a thriftier angle you source plants at the Columbia Road flower market.  If you are starting out with plant cultivation, visiting an independent shop in London is likely to put you in touch with some experts who can give you guidance along with your purchases.  Like a lot of love affairs, the biophilic trend can turn obsessional once it takes root in your home.  However, you can always team up with other plant lovers to share cuttings and expand your collection. There are also online Facebook groups where you can learn more, ask questions and take solace in a community that shares your overarching ambitions to live in a terrarium.

Essential tips for Houseplant Cultivation 

  • Plants respond to love and care, so the best houseplants for your London home are ones you will want to love and care for. 
  • Water, light and soil are the fundamentals for houseplant care
  • Bug infestations can be treated in various ways depending on the infestation and also with diatomaceous earth
  • Drainage and overwatering.  It’s worth reading up on different ideas for watering and drainage as this is the way your plants can struggle to survive.  Check out this complete guide to plant watering to get confident with caring for your new friends. 

Transporting Houseplants when Moving house

Once you have established a considerable collection the thought of transporting your plants in a house move can be instantly uncomfortable.  However, all plants need to be repotted from time to time and it can be the same with humans. As members of your household, you will want your houseplants to be well cared for when in transition. Here are some tips we find useful for transporting houseplants when moving house. 

  • Take cuttings of plants before you move, so you can start new growth when you arrive in case of any damage in transit
  • Prune back your plants a week before the move, so you can reduce their size
  • Transplanting them into plastic planters is an option for your heavier pots
  • Create sleeves of packing paper and bubble wrap to protect them in transit.  Pad out their space so their foliage is protected. 
  • Use strong boxes for them to be packed in once wrapped and sleeved. 
  • When moving, transport all the plants at the same time and put them in a location where the light is suitable for them, while you set up the rest of your home. 

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