A Guide to What You Can Expect from Our Home Removals Service

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When you start to look into the possibility of relocating in London, finding a reliable removals company might seem straightforward enough. Additionally, it does factor in as a task to deal with once you’re further into the relocation process. However, it’s never too early to start planning, and you’ll find that everything runs smoothly when you do more research. You should put together a moving checklist now, which can include things like viewings, contacting estate agents, and also book your relocation with Aussie Man & Van.

When you have a date for your relocation, your next task should be to book with London’s most reliable removals provider. Aussie’s Home Removals and Man & Van services are the best of their kind in London, and we often venture into the surrounding areas. We have three storage options if there are any gaps in moving dates, and we guarantee to keep your possessions safe and secure. To help you understand more about Aussie’s range, this is a quick guide into our Home Removals service.

What is a Home Removals Service?

A home removal service, sometimes referred to as a domestic package, will vary from company to company. Essentially, every removals and storage company in London will offer a removals service that covers the basics. This will include all loading and transporting of your possessions. However, it doesn’t come with any guarantees of service delivery, but we’ll cover that soon.

Before we discuss the advantages of using Aussie instead of other providers, one aspect that we believe is a crucial part of any home removals service is packing. One of the packages in Aussie’s range is our dedicated Packing service. Our team will do all the heavy-lifting, inventory, loading and unpacking work for you.

Aussie’s removals team have all the right packing materials which we also offer for sale from our website and branches. The reason we have our own brand of packing supplies is to ensure we have the best quality boxes and other materials for every job. It’s also vital that we can protect fragile items and things like fine art during transit. And that requires additional packaging applied correctly.

Aussie furnishes our crew with specialist equipment so they can undertake any relocation. That includes protective covering, dollies, carrying straps and any other tools, but this list isn’t exhaustive. Our experts know all the tricks of the trade and can instinctively work out if certain items are too large for doorways or staircases, whether they need to go via a window instead, or carry furniture up flights of stairs.

If you run into an issue with moving dates, we have three storage options available for domestic customers. Our Container Storage package would be suitable if you want long-term storage without the need for regular access. The Self Storage package is typically for people or companies that require frequent access or needs storage for a short period. And our AusBox Storage package which combines elements of both the previous options.

Why It’s Important to Use a Reliable Removals Company –

One of the main reasons for using a professional removals company instead of doing your own relocation is much the same reason we give to avoid companies with low ratings. The likelihood of damage and breakages is much higher. And because of this, the potential for your total expenditure to increase is significantly more credible, rather than saving you money.

Online review platforms are an excellent research tool at your disposal and could improve your chances of receiving a better standard of customer service. Years ago, consumers would have to go on word of mouth recommendations or mostly potluck. Now, through platforms like Google Live and Trustpilot, you can see how previous customers rated a company. It’s this level of insight that can provide you with a high quality of service.

Conversely, we don’t recommend choosing a removals company from price comparison sites. They only provide the lowest prices without any indication of the company’s rating or previous customer experience. Aussie is a five-star company, but our prices are also affordable, making it possible for everyone to enjoy our services.

At Aussie, we believe that removals and storage should be affordable and attain a high standard of customer service. By booking with us, you won’t have to choose one or the other. Aussie’s customers enjoy the best of both and frequently return to use us for future moves or other services. That’s why you should weigh up your options and think twice before you hire a van to undertake your own relocation.

Aussie Man & Van is BAR accredited, which means our company dedicates its focus to providing the highest level of customer service. This covers everything. From standards of removals, levels of health and safety, fair treatment of employees, correct avenues for complaints and much more. It’s our industry’s recognised certification board, and you should only work with compliant companies.

We believe that removals and storage should be affordable and attain a high standard of customer service. By booking with us, you’ll be working with a friendly company that you can always contact when you need to. The Aussie team will gladly discuss any details of our range of services with you. Additionally, we’ll assess your requirements and provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

Aussie Man & Van – We’re Number One for Removals in London –

Aussie Man & Van has five branches spread across London, and we’re the fastest growing removals and storage company in the capital. And due to our high standards and attention to detail, we are fortunate to have a loyal group of customers. Furthermore, we receive hundreds of new customers via referrals from happy clients who recommend us to their family, friends and co-workers.

Customer service is of paramount importance to the Aussie team. We work hard to create and deliver the best removals packages in London. In addition to the tried and tested removals services, we have specialist packages that you won’t find anywhere else. For us, more options equal a better standard of service.

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ removals and storage company. We will take on any removals or storage job, delivering the best possible service. Our team are all experts in removals, and we make sure they have the latest tools and removals equipment.

If you’re planning your next relocation in London, contact us today. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did after you settle into your new home.