Valentine’s Day Special!

When you look for a new job, you tend to think about the work involved, the hours, and the way your day-to-day schedule will run. But do you ever think about the people who you could end up working with and what they might be like? After all, most of us spend a minimum of eight hours a day in the office, five days a week. And if the thought ever did cross your mind, would you think you could meet ‘the one’ at work? You probably think not, but what about the people who have done? Are relationships at work bad? Or are we bound to be compatible with the people with whom we spend so much time?

It came to my attention this week that a few of my colleagues met right here in the office and the Carry Bradshaw in me just had to ask the questions everyone wanted to know the answers to…



Storage Manager at Aussie Man and Van

‘J’ has been with the company since 1999 and met his partner Tanya when she started with the company at work in 2006. They have been together for nine years now, are married, and even have a little girl.

N: Did you feel an instant connection to Tanya when you first met?

J: Of course! I asked a colleague who she was and set my smooth wheels into motion straight away, I’m determined like that.

N: And did Tanya feel the same way, towards you?

J: Look at me! No I’m joking – she played hard to get but I could tell she was into me too.

N: So what about at work – what was it like working together? Did you have a sneaky snog behind the bike shed?

J: Haha no we didn’t ever ‘do’ anything at work. For one, there are way too many eyes in the workplace. But we did have a cheeky kiss in the kitchen when on the tea run, more than once! That’s all you’re getting from me.



Compliance Officer at Aussie Man and Van

Carlos is another long standing member of staff. He started with us in 2000 but didn’t meet his partner Francesca until 2012.

N: What was it about Francesca that first grabbed your attention?

C: Well I think we all know the answer to that one…Her Laugh! [Francesca does have the most infectious laugh! Think of a foghorn on a roller-coaster going at 100mph.]

N: Were you a gentleman in your quest to woo her or were you going in for the hard sell?

C: A total gentleman of course! We had so much in common and just ‘clicked’ – such a cliché I know but it’s true.

N: Aww that’s lovely, but we want to know the gossip! SPILL!

C: ‘The closest thing we ever got to ‘gossip’ was the time we got shut into a storage container before we were officially a couple, something the team thought would be hilarious! It was an icebreaker but a very awkward one. Oh and no, nothing happened!