Using the Best Packing Materials when Moving in London


All too often, we witness people rushing into one of the most important parts of moving to a new home. Packing up before the moving day is a vital part of the process, but we see many instances where movers don’t bother to source decent packing materials. Invariably, this can lead to dents and breaks during the relocation, mostly when objects collide. That’s because the boxes and containers are more susceptible to damage if they’re not up to scratch.

While it’s crucial to have some form of insurance, you should think about preventative measures as well. Your premiums increase with every new claim, so why not think of it as a backup and take more care to avoid breakages? At Aussie, we’re firm believers in doing both, as it’s all part of a thorough level of preparation. We’ll discuss the importance of using quality packaging in this blog, with additional ideas to do so without buying new.

Pack it Correctly to Avoid Breakages –

Let’s get into what we mean by packing correctly and how it covers a few different considerations. Yes, there’s an element of putting things in a box or container properly, but there’s also an overall attitude that could be better. And it centres around the preparation and how to best approach packing to avoid breakages. This applies to both at this stage and when the moving van is in transit.

If you’re rushing around trying to find cardboard boxes the day before the moving day, the chances of breakage are much higher. However, if you plan and get some decent second-hand or new ones the week beforehand, your chances of success improve significantly. This takes forming good habits and giving yourself more time to get everything done.

We’ll go into more detail about how you can protect glassware in this blog and other practical tips. But the main thing we’re trying to entertain is the importance of an early start and thinking of how the various parts add up to a whole. Can you do something today to make progress for your upcoming relocation? The answer is always yes, so don’t delay something if it’s possible to do it today.

Which is Better? Old vs New Packing Boxes –

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed ways to get free boxes to use when moving. Many people found this useful, and it still has relevance today. You can read the article in full by clicking here to get some pointers on finding containers on the cheap. With this in mind, it’s worth revisiting this point to see how it stacks up today against buying new packing materials.

We also want to point out that repurposing has its place, which we often do. The Aussie ethos is to reuse and recycle wherever possible, and we’re always looking for ways to further our ambitions as a greener removals company. When we have older boxes that are in good nick, we’ll use them again. That’s due to our environmental focus and drive to be more sustainable.

However, there’s always a caveat when it comes to using older boxes because they’re more likely to split when under duress. It depends on what the storage conditions are like before you use them. If dampness occurs, the only plausible outcome is the sides or base (or both) will collapse and break. Please avoid doing this by only using sturdy boxes and containers. They don’t have to be new, but they must be strong enough to carry weight.

Tips on Protecting Glassware & Fragile Items –

Aussie has a packing add-on service, and we’ll go into more detail about this in the next section. For now, we’ll look at this from the perspective that you might be undertaking the relocation. If you’re doing some or all of the move yourself, there are certain things you’ll need to understand. There’s one point that we need to stress in more detail – make sure you put the glassware and fragile items in the moving van last.

And it’s crucial that bulky furniture or appliances don’t have any way of contacting them when the van is in motion. The best method of doing this is to wait until the larger pieces are in the vehicle, held in position with straps. Most movers will avoid having heavy items near the doors, as it’s too difficult to get into the van to do anything once you arrive.

The idea is simple – last in, first off. Gather all your glassware and fragile pieces and put them to one side, ensuring they’re safe. Pack the whole van, leaving a small space near the vehicle’s backdoor. Then, you can pack your delicate items away, all individually wrapped, and place them in last. You’ll be able to keep your valuables at a safe distance from the rest of the load.

Aussie’s Professional Packaging Store –

One of the advantages of booking a professional mover is they tend to offer a packing service. At Aussie, we offer this as an add-on to our removals and storage packages. We do all the heavy-lifting work for you, in addition to creating an inventory of your possessions. You’ll have other things to get on with, such as essential tasks, while we’re doing this side of things.

Another benefit is we use the best packaging and removal’s equipment. Our team can’t afford to use inferior packaging that might be faulty or offer inadequate protection. From experience, we know it causes damage and can also lead to delays if we need to reapply any. It’s our job to avoid them breakages and ensure our customer’s belongings remain in perfect condition.

For anyone who’s taking on the packing duties themselves, you can still have access to the best packaging. Aussie’s online and in-branch store has everything you need for moving and protecting your valuables. It’s the same boxes we use – you’re getting the highest quality possible for your items. It’s a sure-fire way to safeguard your belongings.

High-Quality Packing and Removals –

To elaborate on one of our previous points – there’s a way to guarantee a successful outcome. And it’s better to leave it to the professionals if you need customer service. You might pay more for the service, but it’s worth it when the relocation happens without a hitch. Plus, if you price it incorrectly, the difference might be minimal between doing this or hiring a van yourself.

A DIY job that’s done poorly won’t save you money, and there’s the reality it might cost you the same or even more. It’ll undoubtedly cause you more stress and aggravation along the way, not to mention it’s no walk in the park. You’ll be lugging the boxes and appliances yourself. With this in mind, it’s necessary to get quotes and crunch the numbers to see what works for your budget and schedule.

This doesn’t mean all self-moves turn out badly, and we work with storage customers who do this successfully all the time. If you have access to a van, you’re already halfway there, and it then makes sense. It will help if you weigh up the pros and cons before assuming something is cheaper. And ensure you know and include every cost before deciding.

The Importance of Excellent Customer Service –

This is the thing that splits the two different options when it comes to moving. Doing the moving yourself might look cheaper on paper, but it’s not always the case. When you start to look at things more objectively, sometimes it’s better to use a professional removals company. And it’s more a case of including every cost before you decide.

However, we should also remind you to ask for quotes before signing up for anything. You should also check the company’s Google Reviews and Trustpilot ratings. It’s no good paying for a removal service that’s also poor in delivery. The only way to get value is to go by reputation and what previous customers say about the service they received.

Aussie Man & Van is a five-star company, and we go the extra mile on every removal and storage job we sign up for. This is all part of our Quality Policy that dictates the levels of service delivery we consider a standard to meet. We also have BAR affiliation to lock in accountability and excellence into every service we offer. It all adds up to unbeatable removals and storage in London and the neighbouring areas.

Aussie Man & Van – London’s ‘Can-Do’ Removals Company –

Moving isn’t an easy undertaking, and you’ll need assistance through the whole process. Whether that’s to book a removals service or buy industry-standard packaging, Aussie’s here to give you a helping hand. We have a range of services to cover all relocations and budgets. And we’ll be available to discuss anything with you whenever something crops up.

Finding suitable packaging is one of the key decisions on whether you’ll avoid breakages. Aussie is known as the ‘can-do‘ movers and storers in London, and we have six branches in the capital. By booking with us, you can have confidence in our superior handling and packing skills. And best of all – we use high-quality packaging materials on every move.

You can click here to view our online supplies store or visit us at one of our branches to inquire. Contact us directly if you have any questions about our range of services or would like a free quote.