Use Your Smartphone To Organise Your Move

The end of the current lockdown restrictions is up for review at the beginning of March, and people and businesses in London aren’t sure what happens next. Depending on the Covid-19 infection rates, it might be good or bad news, with most hoping to ease things like free movement. There will be those who have relocations in the works and want to look into the possibility of using storage. For Aussie customers, we’re still operating, even at this stringent period of the pandemic. If the current lockdown is causing a delay in moving, you can store your possessions in our storage facilities until your relocation gets the green light. We have a selection of storage services available, and we believe they match most people’s requirements. USING STORAGE IN LONDON TO SAFEGUARD YOUR BELONGINGS – The security of your possessions is of paramount importance, and most of us take measures to firm up things like access points to their home. It’s why people install alarm systems and deadbolts, as well as external security lights. By doing this, we’re not only safeguarding our belongings but also the safety of our family. Having somewhere secure for your valuables is essential and puts our minds at rest so that we can get on with our daily tasks. However, if you have an emergency, that means you don’t have anywhere secure for your items; this becomes an issue. Luckily, there’s a simple solution to this problem, and that’s store. And when you rent a storage unit from Aussie, you’ll have us to guide you through the process. With a selection of storage packages and unit sizes available, we have everything you need to secure your furniture and appliances. Simply phone or email us, and we’ll complete an assessment straight away. We’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote, which includes the exact costs and a suggestion from us for the most suitable package for your situation. This article will look at our storage packages in more detail, providing you with the specifications. We’ll then attribute examples to each, giving you some case study information to provide you with a better idea of their application. Then you’ll have a better idea of how to deal with any issues that arise and who to contact. THE IMPORTANCE OF STORAGE DURING LOCKDOWN – Aussie was initially due to shut down as part of the first lockdown’s response early last year. However, it was apparent removals and storage were services frontline, and key workers were desperate to book. The government made exemptions, and our industry has been fully operational ever since, allowing us the opportunity to help thousands of people. The lockdown is difficult enough to cope with on a general daily basis. If something like a delay in moving dates happens to you, it can make people panic and feel overwhelmed. There is good news – you’re only a phone call or email away from the solution, and Aussie can take you through the process of finding a storage unit for your needs. Storage has been helping customers throughout the pandemic response, regardless of what level of restrictions are in place. Whether that’s people with delays in moving or businesses who need emergency relocations. Aussie has been here to accommodate their needs, often linking removals and storage packages to perform a seamless service. SELF STORAGE FOR FULL ACCESS AND SHORT-TERM REQUIREMENTS – All of Aussie’s storage services give you the ultimate level of protection for your possessions. The difference comes from the specifications of each package, and self storage has some excellent benefits. You can access your storage room at any time during our opening hours, with no limits of how many times for visits. This is why so many entrepreneurs and businesses use this service, notably e-commerce and courier companies. There’s a lot of freedom when you work with Aussie for your storage needs. Unlike other companies, we don’t impose a minimum contract period when booking. This means you only need to keep your unit for a time that suits your needs without worrying about additional fees. Many people link a self storage unit to their relocation, with many retaining it after the move is over. Self storage provides you with an unbeatable level of protection for your possessions. Aussie’s depot has excellent security measures, including 24-7 CCTV monitoring and individual codes for each storage room. Furthermore, nothing enters or leaves our facilities without our permission, giving you peace of mind that your belongings are completely safe and secure when in our care. CONTAINER STORAGE FOR LONG-TERM NEEDS AND AFFORDABILITY – Each of Aussie’s storage options is more, or less suitable for each person or business. As per the previous section, self storage is likely to benefit people who need regular access. Container storage works differently and has lots of advantages over other packages. The main thing to remember here is you don’t need any previous experience with storage because we’ll help you choose a package. Aussie’s Container Storage package is ideal for long-term storage needs if you don’t need to access your unit regularly. There are restrictions for accessing container storage units, and additional fees might be applicable. However, it’s affordable and easy to initiate the process. And with prices starting from £18 a week, you won’t find a better deal for storage in London. Now for the practical side of things. Unlike other providers, Aussie works with large wooden containers instead of metal. Our units are 7ft high x 7ft long x 5ft wide, giving an internal 250 cubic feet of capacity. In addition to offering this affordable storage option, we make things even more straightforward by bringing the empty container to you. In our specially designed lorry, we will head out to your home or workplace with the container. Then, our team will load your belongings while simultaneously making an inventory. You’ll get a copy of this list detailing everything in your container storage unit. Then, we seal it onsite and transport it back to our storage warehouse. You’ll receive a unique identity code for your storage unit if you need to contact us to discuss anything. AUSBOX – A STORAGE SERVICE UNLIKE ANYTHING ELSE IN LONDON – Aussie has a unique third storage option that combines elements of both the previous packages. It’s a unique storage option that is ideal for people who need long-term storage at cheaper rates. Some people fall between self storage and container storage’s benefits because they need aspects of both. Luckily, we evaluate things in detail and came up with a completely new storage service. Aussie’s AusBox allows you to enjoy long-term storage with additional access. You can gain access to your AusBox storage unit four time per month without extra charges. We have two size options to choose from. AusBox, which is £22 plus VAT per week, gives you 250 cubic feet of storage. AusBox Mini is £11.95 plus VAT per week, with 175 cubic feet of storage. Much like our container storage process, AusBox customers don’t have to worry about transporting their possessions to us. We can collect your items at your preferred location, pack everything for you, including a complete inventory. Then, we’ll seal the unit before bringing everything back to our branch for storage. This is a free service when you store with us for six months for one container. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE AS STANDARD WITH AUSSIE – To make sure you receive the storage service you deserve, there’s a smart way to read up on any potential company you find online. Rating platforms like Google Live and Trustpilot provide consumers with previous reviews, including customer feedback. You can see why Aussie is a 5-star company by reading what people think of us here. You’ll have to arrange visits to your new location at least twice, but it’s advisable to try and fit in another trip if possible. While the internet is a revolutionary research tool, there’s only so much you can find out about a place online. It would help if you experienced it for yourself, as well as getting to know the area. This is where you’ll learn more about the local amenities and points of interest. Before you do that, also do some research on things like healthcare and education institutions. It’s possible to do this via their local council, who tend to have lots of information and resources. Transport is one of the cornerstones to settling down, especially if travel factors into your ability to commute to work and back. AUSSIE MAN & VAN – STORAGE THAT ADDS REAL VALUE IN LONDON – At Aussie, we believe that storage should be affordable and attain the highest standard of customer service. By booking with us, you won’t be choosing one or the other. You’ll enjoy the best of both, which is why people frequently return to use us for other services. Every team member is an expert in storage and removals, and there’s always someone available to assist you at our branches. Aussie is the ‘can-do’ storage provider, and we have five branches in London, as well as new ones in Bath, Dorset, and Oxford. For us, it’s vital we put ourselves in our customer’s position. This helps us provide essential services people need, and we treat every job on its own merits. No two situations are the same, and we prepare for all eventualities. If you’d like to know more about what storage services are available during the lockdown, please contact us today. We have unbeatable storage packages to match everyone’s requirements.

Organisation and efficiency are everything when it comes to moving, and the judicious use of your smartphone (and/or tablet) can make the difference between a move that leaves you feeling flattened and one that goes like clockwork. But how would someone actually do this without being tech-savvy or relying on others to do it for them?

Have no fear; that’s what this blog is all about. At Aussie, we’re big fans of providing people with tips on how to improve their moving experience. Now that most of us own or has access to a phone or its equivalent, why not put them to work to make life easier for you? Here are some ideas for making your phone work for you when it comes to pulling off the perfect move.

How Apps are Improving the Moving Experience –

Unless you’ve spent the last five or ten years on a remote island, you’ll have heard of an app. It stands for application and works on smartphones and Apple devices. Each app comes with unique features specifically designed to simplify things. And they’re easy to download and start using straight away, although you might need a bit of practice to navigate correctly.

There are some obvious ones like home inventory apps that make relocating much easier. Then you have things like to-do lists and calendars to help with organising and creating a timeline. Some might even incorporate every function or link with other applications. We’ll suggest the best ones we know of in this blog with some links directly to them.

Ultimately, you’ll have something there to remind you and regain focus because there will be plenty of distractions. It’s easy to lose track when moving because life continues onwards, regardless of how important your move is. We end up balancing lots of different tasks simultaneously. That’s why an app will give you another helping hand when arranging your upcoming relocation.

Home Inventory Apps – Sortly and More –

Sortly is a free moving app that helps you keep tabs on all your stuff throughout the move. Say you need to find that cherished picture frame but have forgotten where you packed it; Sortly remembers it all for you. Better still, it lets you make a visual inventory of all your possessions, with photos, notes, tags, and locations.

Magic Home Inventory allows you to organise your home inventory across several properties and break down each separate inventory by room, listing each item’s location along with a description and photo. The app’s advanced search feature helps you locate items quickly, and you can manually backup your list to another storage location. 

MyStuff can store an incredible amount of information for each item you save in this inventory. Rather than slog through entering the product information, it’s possible to scan its barcode to initiate an entry. This is an iOS application, and it comes in two versions: the Lite version is free, but your limit is fifteen items. The full version has a much more extensive database and would be worth the purchase cost for people with lots of furniture and appliances.

Nest Egg is the ultimate choice for individual item data. You can take detailed photos per item, including its barcode, purchase date, expiry date (if applicable) and return purchase dates for new products. You can create a log for when you loan out items to family or friends, and it’s possible to export your complete inventory lists to save or print.

Learn on YouTube for How-To and DIY Videos –

YouTube comes into its element when you need help with that task, the very thought of which is keeping you up at two in the morning. From moving-day tips by experts and real people to advice on handling and packing valuables and fragile ones, pretty much every moving quandary is resolved in front of your eyes. You can save them to watch again later, and a few are even available to download.

YouTube also has a large audience on its platform and there are more people creating and uploading DIY videos every week. Furthermore, businesses the following suit and are creating and adding their online tutorials for products and services. You’ll likely find what you’re looking for on there, and most topics are simple to find.

Who knows, you might even get the content bug yourself as you go through this process. If you fancy it, there’s the option of recording your own moving tips. Some people even earn money from YouTube ads if there’s enough views. It’s not for everyone but worth considering, especially if you have a suggestion that other movers might find useful.

Google Docs and Evernote – Record Musings, Ideas, and Inspirations –

Where we once had to rely on sticky notes, scrapbooks, and scrawled handwriting to keep track of our ideas, now we have our phones. When you spot something that inspires you – perhaps at a friend’s house or garden – store the image in a note where it’ll stay safe until you need to come back to it. Google Docs and Evernote are two popular notation platforms. 

Never again will you need to refer to a messy pile of papers, and neither will little notes get lost during your move – everything’s stored just a click away. You can also edit things without having to cross things out on messy notes. Most will automatically update without having to resave, making it fast and simple to note down your thoughts.

Should you need to use the information, you can always copy and paste it into another document or something similar. People often need to relay this via a message or email. Just grab all of the wording and share via a messaging app or in an email. You won’t need to keep a clunky notepad again unless that’s your thing. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a notation application.

Use Your Phone Calendar for a Timeline and Reminders –

While you might worry about finding these various apps, the good news is some will already be on your phone. One of the best ones is a calendar where you can save things for specific dates. Be sure to utilise the reminder function so that you get an alert before each actual event. That way, even if you forget things, your phone won’t.

You can adjust the settings to suit your needs or to save you from known habits. Some of us do things straight away; others need an additional reminder or snooze. Another bonus is being able to create a task in your calendar and share it. This is an amazing feature for businesspeople when arranging meetings to share the reminder with other attendees.

The final benefit that a lot of people don’t consider is the ability to count the days and weeks until your move. We can’t stress this enough – time flies, especially when you have lots on your plate. Make sure you don’t forget tasks and leave too much for the final week. You’ll have more than enough to deal with and possibly, some unforeseen issues. Assign things to do each week with your calendar, and you’ll be on track for a successful relocation.

Backup Your Files and Images Before You Go – 

All the well-known cloud services are at your fingertips – from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and iCloud, plus many more. Keep all your most important documents safely inside them – scanning when it’s necessary to create digital copies. If the worst happens and something gets lost as you go from a-to-b, you’ve still got your digital version safe and sound.

You can also use an external hard drive if you’re more comfortable with having something physically in your hand. Just remember to buy one that’s durable and portable as they have additional padding, making them more robust and built for travelling. The last thing you want to do is lose files if they corrupt due to damage occurring. And even a small bash can cause this to happen.

Another option is to enlist the services of a home server. They come with their version of a cloud storage system, and you can back up remotely whenever you need to save your files. You don’t have to carry around a device like an external hard drive. However, it’s worth further research to gauge how reliable they are and how data is transferred.

Aussie Man & Van London – Utilising Tech for a Smoother Relocation –

We live in a time where technology is making moving straightforward, and we naturally think this is excellent. Plus, apps are getting more user-friendly, and it doesn’t take a degree in IT to use them. With more apps launching, most free, it’s also affordable and stress-free. You can organise everything at the touch of a button or two.

Aussie Man & Van is here to assist you throughout your move, and we’ll discuss any relevant apps if they add value to your situation. Home inventory applications are changing the way people relocate. And they’re excellent for sharing lists with your insurance provider as well. Moreover, you can send it to us to help us assess your upcoming move in more detail.

To get a free quote for your next relocation, click here, and we’ll start an assessment. We provide the most efficient and cost-effective moves in London and beyond.