Use Your London Removals Company For Storage

Storage London

There’s an absolute glut of storage options in the current market and the task of choosing which one to use is therefore not at all enviable. Should you just take pot luck? Go with family’s and friends’ recommendations? Read up on the reviews (bearing in mind that some may be planted)? It’s hard to know where to begin. But there’s one surefire way of paring down the list until it’s quite a lot easier, and that’s by going with your removals company’s storage facilities. For a start, it means not having to deal with an additional company, but there are other benefits to this option and they’re just as compelling.

More and more London removals companies provide storage space in addition to their other services and there’s an abundance of good reasons for using them.

  1. Removals companies are able to keep their costs down by creating warehoused storage with a bare minimum of additional facilities. Stand-alone storage companies have to have more staff, lifts, staff areas and accessibility, so their overheads are higher. You’ll also find that once the sweetheart deals have expired, your rates with stand-alone storage go shooting up whereas removals companies will offer you a rate that stays the same.
  2. A removals company such as Aussie will also have a packing service and a packing shop. You’ll be able to get everything you need for preparing goods for storage – strong boxes, good tape, packing materials and assistance. The mark-up is likely to be less steep than that which a storage company slaps on their merchandise. With access to removal men who are experienced at packing, there’ll be no shortage of help as you get ready.
  3. Dovetailed services. If you’re moving anyway and need storage as a consequence (e.g. because you’re downsizing), then by using the same company for storage and removals, you’ll have one less number to juggle and you won’t have to worry about one party liaising with the other and getting their wires crossed.
  4. Pickup and delivery. Your removals company will generally be more agreeable to picking up and later returning your stored items to wherever you live in London; a service not always available from self-storage and storage companies.