Upgrading to a Bigger Home in London?  Aussie has Range of London Removals Options.

Many of us will live in a variety of different flats and houses during our lifetimes as it becomes less likely we’ll stay in one property. Every next big step we take on our path often comes with a need to move to a new town or city. Sometimes, you might be moving to another part of the UK, Europe or even further afield. No matter where your next move is taking you, you’ll need to book with a reliable company like Aussie.

London is an excellent place to live and work for ambitious people who a strong work ethic and know how to enjoy their spare time. New residents to London will typically start with modest lodgings, possibly just a room in co-sharing accommodation. As you become more financially stable and your needs change, you could consider upgrading from an apartment to a house.

The Best Removals Services in London –

If you’re organising your next relocation, you must choose a removals company based on quality. It’s always tempting to go with the closest or cheapest option, but many of our customers have had bad experiences with this approach. Most tell us about multiple breakages, the removals company turning up late; in one case, they didn’t turn up at all. Fortunately, our customers can have the best of both scenarios.

Aussie has five branches all over London, in strategic locations to ensure we cover every part of the capital. Each facility boasts storage units and a fleet of moving vans, in addition to onsite amenities for our customers. We can literally move you anywhere in London, and you’ll have a local branch nearby. We have removals vehicles of various sizes, making it possible to take on any removals job. Everything aspect of how we operate is done to ensure we can provide the correct service for our customers. And this includes the types of vans we have on hand and available team members.

Another crucial feature of every Aussie branch is our range of removals options. We often use our Aussie Man & Van service for several reasons for smaller moves. The smaller vans are easier to navigate around London, especially in rush hour or unforeseen congestion. Using a smaller van with multiple trips for inner-city moves can also be better.

For larger volumes of items, we recommend our Home Removals service. For people with more significant pieces of furniture, it’s usually better to transport them in their current state. Taking things like wardrobes and beds apart can damage the fixings. The large vans can get the whole relocation done in one trip, making it more efficient.

Our Dedicated Packing Service and Supplies –

In addition to our removals services, we have a second-tier range of services that make Aussie hard to beat. And to make things even more appealing, Aussie offers the best rates for our removals and second-tier packages on the market. And on days of the week when we’re not busy, we can sometimes discount our service further.

Our professional packing service is for you for people who require an additional level of protection for their possessions. The Aussie team is made up of experts who can pack a van to ensure there are no breakages. We will visit you the day before your relocation to pack everything and create an inventory of your possessions.

If you plan on packing everything yourself, you can purchase the same industry-standard packing supplies from our online shop. You won’t have to worry about a substandard tape that doesn’t stick. Our team use the same supplies on every job they undertake, and it’s crucial that their equipment functions correctly. We have packs available to suit every need and budget, and specialist containers for wine and clothing.

Using Storage when Moving to a New Home –  

Every top-class removals provider completes its high standards by offering a broad range of storage options. Aussie doesn’t just provide your run-of-the-mill storage services. We have three storage options: Aussie Container Storage, Aussie Self Storage and our unique AusBox option. No matter your storage requirements, we have the right package for you or your business.

Aussie Container Storage – While this is a favourite amongst those who need long-term storage, this package tends to centre around access requirements. If you’re storing things away for the future – an example would be to keep for your children for when they’re older – then container storage is likely the best option. It’s the most affordable storage service we offer because we stack the containers, meaning less maintenance on our side.

Aussie Self Storage – If you need to access your possessions regularly, this is the storage choice for you. This option is frequently chosen by businesses that move their stock in and out on a regular basis. Many new start-ups and SMEs use self storage as a dedicated workspace instead of renting commercial premises. Many domestic customers consider Aussie’s storage units an extension of their home because of its convenience.

AusBox Storage – When it comes to innovation, Aussie leads the way in our industry. Our unique AusBox is ideal for people who need long-term storage at cheaper rates. You can also visit your AusBox four times a month without additional charges. You’ll enjoy elements of both the previous options, but on a smaller scale and at favourable rates. Regardless of which storage package you opt for, we have one to fit your requirements and budget.

End of Tenancy and Professional Cleaning –

Whether you’re moving from a rental property or selling up, you’ll probably need to undertake a thorough clean after the movers have finished. For renters, it’s crucial that you don’t leave this to chance: your rental deposit depends on it. While this is slightly dramatic in tone, please don’t miscalculate this step. The entire house or apartment needs to be spotless; otherwise, you leave yourself open to deductions.

Fortunately, Aussie has a specific cleaning service to meet your needs. Our End of Tenancy package is a favourite for tenants and landlords alike. That’s because we eliminate grime and other contaminants – both visible and unseen – entirely. It’s the gold standard in cleanliness and will put any renter in a strong position when reclaiming their deposit.

At Aussie, we know that providing more services gives our customers more choice. This inevitably makes it possible to meet a wider set of demands for both domestic and business customers. For example – you might have older carpets in decent condition, but they have extensive stains. We have a specific cleaning package that does this for you, including industry-level machines and cleaning products.

There’s no getting away from discussing the pandemic when it comes to cleanliness. We receive consistent requests to Covid-clean properties for people who are moving into or selling up. You can be confident that all pathogens and germs are eradicated when performing a top-to-bottom professional cleaning job. This includes full health and safety compliance standards for the hospitality sector.

Declutter and Reduce Moving Volume – 

We’re going to make a statement that we say without reservation: don’t move your problems with you. All too often, that’s what people do when they relocate. They jam each box with items because packing becomes a chore that’s left until the last minute. Then the task morphs into a time-consuming dash, where you’re in a race against the clock before the moving van arrives.

Understandably, this happens, and you have our sympathy, but it’s also a waste of effort and potentially money. Here’s our suggestion – save time and stress by getting us to do the packing for you. Aussie’s Packing service is a dedicated package where we take this on for you. However, we suggest you do some decluttering first to ensure you’re not taking your problems with you.

And we’ll give you some pointers on how to do this without tearing your hair out. Here’s a list of benefits of decluttering and organising when moving:

  • Reducing your moving volume can save you money for your removals booking
  • You can declutter in an environmentally sound manner
  • It’s a clean slate by only packing things you still use
  • Create an inventory and find individual items easier

If you manage to reduce your possessions significantly when you declutter, it’s possible to use a smaller vehicle and removal package. And if you reuse, recycle, and reduce – you’ll be doing so in an eco-friendly way. More importantly – you’re only keeping things you use daily or weekly. To round our list off – download a home inventory app to catalogue your belongings. You can assign every object a room reference, making it straightforward when unpacking in your new home.

Aussie Man & Van – We Have the Right Removals Service for You in London –

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ company that knows it can provide a high level of customer service, which is why we’re London’s fastest-growing removals and storage company. And because of our popularity and dedication to our customers, we now have new branches in Bath, Oxford, and Dorset. This gives us a better network of branches to perform long-distance relocations.

Aussie moves thousands of people in and out of London every year, and we always take time to speak to our customers. We believe that every customer has different needs but that we can also learn a lot from their experiences. We often use their feedback to hone and create new services, in addition to passing on their advice.

Customer service is of paramount importance to our team. We strive to not only meet but to exceed our customer’s expectations with every removals job we undertake. Moreover, by providing a variety of removals and other services, we can offer our clients enough choice to deliver your exact requirements.

If you’re planning on upgrading to a larger property in London, we guarantee to have the right removals package for you. Click here, and we’ll begin your assessment, providing you with a free, no-obligation quote and details on the most suitable removals and storage service.