Strategic unpacking when moving home

From Chaos to Cosy  – Transplanting a family into a new home can be an invitation for chaos. However, if you have set up a good plan and have professionals at the helm, it can be a smooth transition.  After the stress of packing up and all the organization involved, you may be feeling a little threadbare. Or the enthusiasm of the new start is ignited once you begin to see and feel the new space.  Either way, a good plan will ensure that the chaos does not make it through your new front door.   Ideally, the packing process was well planned, and your boxes correspond to an inventory and are labelled.  If you succumbed to “panic stashing” items you just could not deal with in boxes, leave those to last.  To make sure your initial entry into your new home flows well, we suggest a strategy to make sure you are swiftly delivered from chaos to cosy.  

Essentials box 

The Essentials box is key to the strategy.  Consider this as the treasury of your immediate functionality.  This is your ninja kit for establishing yourself smoothly in your new place.  It contains phone chargers, cables, coffee, tea, snacks, bedding, towels, toilet paper, and cleaning products.  Essentially whatever is essential to keep you all in good shape while you establish your new functioning space.   The Essentials box should travel with you in the car, so you are ready for action when you arrive.  Label the Essential box so it does not get confused with any other boxes and assign the Essentials box to the kitchen when you arrive.  This way you can work from one central base point.  Make sure all the other boxes are labelled and assigned to their rooms once they arrive, as this minimizes confusion and chaos in the unpacking process. 

Five things to consider when unpacking into a new home 

1. Pets, children, and plants

are the living parts of the home that also need to be transplanted with care into the new place.  Depending on your situation, it may be worth having childcare arranged until the basic functionality of the new home is set up.  It is great to have the children participate in setting up their own rooms, and they will enjoy this, but this comes a bit later in the strategy.   Find a place to set up your pet’s crate, basket, and food station so they feel orientated within the move.  If you have a cat, you may want to ensure they have their own room to stay in for the initial phases.   Plants are so great for bringing life into the space, but also quite fragile friends.  You want to make sure they go into spaces where they can thrive, and until you find them a perfect spot why not group them together where they can be easily watered and cared for.   

2. Perishables and sustenance

stock up the fridge and freezer with anything coming from your previous kitchen. You may be transporting some of your freezer food, which could be valuable through the next few days.    While you are in the kitchen, get the most essential appliances set up so you can operate smoothly.  It’s worth having a meal plan in place, so research your local takeaway options.  In Chinese Fengshui, getting the stove going and preparing some good food is a way of creating an auspicious start in your new home. Most importantly you don’t want to burn out, you want to have what you need easily to hand. 

3. Designated boxes for each room 

With a competent moving company and plan, you can be assured your labelled boxes will end up in the correct room.   Ensuring the boxes don’t get mixed up minimizes time lost hunting for certain items, and unpacking objects in the search which adds to the chaos factor.   When you are sure you have the correct boxes in each room you can close the doors of the rooms you are not yet working on and focus your energy on one zone.   Realizing that you need a power cable at the bottom of tools and garage items is going to slow you down when you are setting up your kitchen.   That would have been one for the Essentials box !

4. Cleaning 

While a professional cleaning company can take the edge off the workload before you move in, don’t miss out on all the benefits cleaning can bring.  Research has shown that cleaning helps gain a sense of control over your environment and engages your mind in a repetitive activity which can have an overall calming effect.  A study by the University of Connecticut found that in high times of stress people default to cleaning because it gives them a sense of control during a chaotic time.   Cleaning is also a way of establishing territory and removing the residual energy of the previous inhabitants.   It’s a good way of getting to know a place. 

5. Take time for Art and Décor 

Taking breaks is essential to a stress-free moving in process.   Bringing in artwork and photographs and hanging your statement pieces is key to establishing the aesthetic energy in your home.  Make sure you have your picture hanging equipment so you can act when inspiration strikes.  Take tea and coffee breaks and consider how the plants, artwork, and other elements of décor will work in this new space.  As these lock-in, you will feel immediately more enthusiastic and at home in your new place.  This is a time for new ideas and so make space to be creative with the décor. 

Unpack with a system

The strategy unfolds like this.  Once you have set up your central base in the kitchen, unpacked your essentials, and initiated cleaning you are ready for the unpacking process. As you unpack use an inventory list and the labels on the boxes rather than opening up boxes and getting out items unnecessarily.   Set up each room one by one, with the kitchen and bedrooms first.  Bathrooms usually contain fitted furniture and so are easy to set up.  Use a floor plan to get the furniture delivered right into place and save constructing new furniture until you are sure where it is going.  Utility areas can be left until last.   

Storage space is an asset when moving home 

Bear in mind unpacking is a process that can take weeks, so only unpack the items in boxes that are crucial initially.  Depending on the scale and factors of the move you may need to use a storage service.  This can really help you minimize what you bring in initially making your work swifter and more streamlined.   If you are planning certain renovations, you may find storage is a great solution to tide you over until the work is completed.    Schedule time in the forthcoming weeks to keep the process unfolding.   If you take the above considerations on board, you should be well set for a good night’s sleep in your new home.   All this hinges on you having the right people on your team to set up your removal plan and deliver your possessions to your new home.  For this, you need a competent and skilled removals team. 

Where Aussie comes in 

At Aussie our priority is to provide the best service possible for an affordable price.  As well our top-class removals service  Aussie has a Man and Van service that charges by the hour, which means you only pay for the service you need. Man & Van is an ideal way to relocate for people with small amounts of possessions. Our friendly staff will do everything for you. We will book the move around your schedule to make sure you don’t need to take time off work. The Aussie team will turn up on time, and we’ll get the job done on time.  We can talk you through the plan so each stage goes smoothly. Either side of the move, we have you covered.   If you need any packing materials or assistance, we include both in our range of services. We also have excellent storage options and a professional cleaning service that can’t be beaten for price or quality.  With our handyman service  we can help fix issues that may arise in your new home. 

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ company, and our number one priority is to make your next relocation go as smoothly as possible. Contact us today, and we’ll discuss your next move.