Top Weekend Break Destinations for Londoners

Top Weekend Break Destinations for Londoners

We all need a decent weekend getaway now and then, especially now that the weather’s getting slightly cooler. Those late nights in the office, the numerous Tube commutes, traffic jams and deadlines – it all adds up. Don’t let the end of summer gloom set in – there are plenty of ways to reduce life’s stresses.

The everyday hustle and bustle of life in London requires balance. It’s a good idea to get the most out of your time off. Weekend breaks are a must for Londoners are here is Aussie’s top weekend breaks.

Top 5-weekend Break Destinations – 

Brighton – a favourite destination for people of all ages, Brighton makes it onto every ‘best of…’lists for weekend breaks. Within a short train journey or drive from London, Brighton has lots of outdoor activities, great restaurants and bars. Brighton is renowned for its nightlife if you’re feeling adventurous.

Dorset – if you’re looking for beautiful beaches and a good chance of sunshine then look no further than Dorset. Dorset is famous for its scenic coastline, well-maintained and perfect beach fronts, and its wide range of excellent restaurants and traditional pubs. It’s a manageable train ride or car journey from London, making it an ideal weekend break.

Edinburgh – one of the UK’s favourite places for weekend breaks, Edinburgh is a scenic city that offers a juxtaposition of great architecture and heritage sites, with a broad range of activities and festivals, most notably the world-famous Fringe Festival. Edinburgh was once a long train journey away, but with faster trains and increased flights between London and Edinburgh, it’s much easier to get the Scotland’s culture capital.

Amsterdam – the ferry to Amsterdam is something of a rite of passage for a lot of people from the UK. If you prefer to get there quickly, it’s a short flight to Schiphol Airport and an unforgettable train ride into the city. Amsterdam might be known for its counter-culture activities, but it’s also home to some of the best museums and art galleries in Europe.

 Paris – getting to Paris from London is as easy as going to most cities in England. You can catch a short flight or a ferry from Dover. The Eurostar will get you there by train, making it easy to be in Paris within a few hours. A weekend in Paris is the ultimate break for world-class shopping and the charming cafés and restaurants. There’s so much to do; you’ll have to go back several times to fit everything in.

Downtime is Essential to Productivity – 

People sometimes forget the benefit that taking a well-deserved break can have. Not only is it beneficial to get out of the office for a while – making the most of your time off can improve productivity. Ever wonder why you procrastinate a lot and you also regularly clock over sixty hours a week?

The ability to balance a busy work schedule and a healthy life outside of the office is often the marker of a successful business person. In fact, in countries like Japan, they not only encourage time off, they have dedicated spaces in offices for downtime. This might not work for all businesses, and your boss might not agree with hourly nap-times as a suggestion, but it’s a good example of how beneficial downtime can be.


Aussie – We’re Big Fans of Weekend Breaks – 

All work and no play isn’t part of the Aussie vocabulary. Our famous slogan the ‘can-do’ company stems from our ability to take on any job. To do that, it’s essential that our employees are happy and want to go the extra mile for our customers. The only way to do that is to create a working environment that promotes a healthy balance of hard work and quality downtime.

London is Aussie’s home, and we’re proud to call ourselves Londoners. We’ve earned our reputation as London’s favourite moving and storage company by paying attention to our customers. Not just for their removals and self storage requirements, but also what they do in their spare time. Our company’s strength is our ability to relate to our clients. We often share stories of what we did at the weekend and where we went.

Our list of the best weekend breaks is a combined effort of the Aussie team and our customers. That’s how we create a range of services – we discuss what our clients need, and we mould it into our removals and storage packages.

If you want to discuss anything about removals and storage, please contact us today. We’re happy to talk about everything and anything, and that includes the best places for a weekend getaway.