Top Tips for Handling Gaps Between Moving Dates

If you’ve relocated before you’ll know that it rarely goes smoothly and that there’s often gaps between moving dates that can cause issues with your furniture and possessions. You might find your ideal home or apartment just to learn that the current owner hasn’t found a place to move into. There might be a gap between when you need to move and their move. At times, this causes deals to fall through, and you might be faced with losing your perfect home because of complications with moving dates.

If you’re moving to another part of London, you need to make sure you use a reliable company to get your possessions to your new house or apartment. Aussie has the most popular Man & Van service in London, and we’re always happy to pass on tips to our customers. Here are some of our top tips for handling gaps between moving dates.

Tops Tips for Gaps in Moving Dates – 

Confirm the date – this one is vital. You need to know what dates the seller is moving out. If the estate agent can’t provide these details, then you need to find out why. Even if the dates aren’t set, if you really love the property and you’re willing to wait, at least you can look for suitable rental properties to tide you over.

Contact estate agents – if you’ve found an appropriate area to begin your search send a speculative email to at least one, and preferably three or four, estate agents. Get them to do the grunt work for you and be clear about how you want them to contact you. A good estate agent won’t force properties on you; they’ll provide the best options for your requirements.

Self storage – don’t be tempted to store your possessions with family and friends. If you’ve found the right house in the ideal area, then you’re as committed as it gets. A reliable company like Aussie will have reviews online about their services, so make sure you read up.

Short-term rentals – get your estate agent to consider some suitable short-term rental properties. If you’re confident that you’ve found the right home, then don’t let gaps in moving dates put you off. Sell up, pack up and rent a short-term rental property until you have moved in. Combine an affordable rental property with self storage, and you’ll be ready to move in as soon as your new home is ready.

Make Sure Everything is Spotless – 

It’s always a good idea to leave your current house or apartment in a tidy state, especially if you’re hoping to receive your full deposit back. What people often neglect to do is have a professional cleaning company give your new home a thorough clean.

You might be planning on redecorating your new home to give it your own touch. Before you undertake any redecorating work, you need a spotless house before any paint goes down. Aussie not only offers removals and storage packages, but we also have a cleaning service to suit any situation. If the carpets are decent, you can get Aussie to bring them back to life with our carpet cleaning service.

Aussie – The Best Man and Van Service in London for Smaller Moves –

When it comes to the big move day, it’s important to book with a reliable removals company. Aussie is London’s favourite removals and storage company, and we’ve earned that reputation through our dedication to customer service. We know that one size fits all doesn’t work. Everyone has different requirements, which is why we have a fleet of vehicles in various sizes.

Aussie’s Man & Van service is perfect for smaller moves in and around London. If you’re moving from Croydon to Battersea, but you don’t need a large and expensive removals van, we will advise the exact correct vehicle. There are no hidden charges or surprise add-ons with Aussie. You only pay for what you receive, and we aim to save your money wherever we can. We charge by the hour rather than by the job or day, which always ends up saving money. If it takes us two hours, then you’ll pay for two hours.

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ company, and we’re always happy to discuss any move, even if you’re just planning. Our friendly staff is always available to chat to you about anything removals or storage related.

Contact us today, and we’ll gladly discuss our Man & Van and our range of services.