Top Tips for Selling Your Home in London in 2021

Top Tips for Selling Your Home in London in 2021

There’s a science behind selling a house or apartment, but it’s one where you won’t want to perform experiments to master. However, it will require some research on your part to seek out assistance and credible information to make progress. Using the right advice and some elbow grease, anyone can successfully sell their home within a reasonable timeframe.

Aussie Man & Van has plenty of experience in our industry, which gives us an advantage when it comes to selling suggestions. We work with individuals who are selling their home for the first time, as well as time-served professional interior designers and builders. Here are our top tips for selling your house or apartment in 2021, with a focus on avoiding spending too long on the market.

Showcase Your House’s Best Features for a Quicker Sale –

This might be a slightly misleading subheading because you need to bring all your home’s features up to scratch. By concentrating on one or two features you perceive to be the best might lead to overlooking issues. And the last thing you want is to cause uncertainty in the buyer when they view your property.

It takes approximately four months to sell a property on the UK’s housing market, from the initial posting to the sale. This doesn’t take any preparation work into account or any disparity or delays due to lockdown. We’re highlighting this so you can set yourself some targets. Our suggestion is to make sure you don’t languish on the market over the average sale period.

Let’s view this as a motivational point of order: the more you prepare your home, the quicker sale will be. You’ll achieve this goal by partnering with reliable service providers who understand what you’re up against. Aussie Man & Van has an excellent range of removals and storage packages, including specialist services ideal for anyone who’s selling their house or apartment in London.

Using Outside Spaces to Your Advantage –

One of the major points of contention during the lockdown was outdoor spaces. Londoners were unwitting victims of a lack of garden space, which is common for city-centre properties. Having to spend vast amounts of time at home brought this reality into focus, and it soon became a search term for people looking at a life away from London.

People are now more aware of the need for better outdoor spaces, which means you’ll have to be mindful of this. Sellers need to highlight their back garden area, especially if it’s a key selling point for your home. Even for those with more modest garden provisions, you’ll have to make improvements to create desirable features.

It’s crucial you don’t skip any details or cut corners. Your job is to make everything look amazing, both inside and outside of your home. Hire a landscape gardener to give you a consultation and some ideas on how to proceed. Simple things like improving your lawn’s quality and planting flowers will give your garden a much-needed facelift.

Outside lighting looks very tasteful, especially at sunset. Add a few heat lamps and a wood burner to provide warmth as the nights get colder. You can convert a shed into an outside bar area, ready to entertain guests when lockdown restrictions ease. Additionally, some decking and garden furniture are nice touches. We’ll discuss the importance of costing upgrades and improvements later in this article.

A Deep Clean and Minor Repairs are Essential –

It’s essential that you cover the basics before embarking on any DIY projects and upgrades. What are they? A clean home with an emphasis on maintenance. They’re probably the least exciting prospects but possibly most important. Attention to detail can make a huge difference when putting a property on the market.

A potential buyer will quickly lose interest if they see chipping paint or marks on walls. The same goes for if they notice issues with repairs. If you have any maintenance issues, it’s time to sort them out before they cause unwanted attention. A simple, fresh coat of paint for all the walls and woodwork will go a long way to solving these problems but remember to make any small repairs.

We’re not ignoring the fact that time is an issue, especially for people in a busy city like London. Many people will struggle to undertake this work themselves while they juggle a time-intensive career and family life. Luckily, Aussie has a range of additional packages that are perfect for this situation. We can do these chores for you.

Aussie Clean is our dedicated professional cleaning service that covers household and commercial requirements. Additionally, we offer a Handyman service to tackle any outstanding repair work. If you have any other issues, we have an extensive list of tradespeople in our network and we’ll gladly refer you.

Convert Your Loft for an Extra Bedroom –

Adding an extra bedroom can increase your home’s value and always looks better when a potential buyer’s reading the property description. However, you’ll need to discuss any significant modifications with an estate agent for a pre-emptive valuation and advice before you start. We’ll go into more on this in the next section.

In most cases, you won’t need planning permission, but it’s worth double-checking this with your local council. Unless you plan on making considerable alterations to the roof’s dimensions, you should be fine. Loft conversions will require a survey to check up on the roof and upper wall structure and the suitability of the current insulation. 

The likely outcome is you’ll have to add insulation. In some cases, roof and wall repairs will be necessary. It’s a good idea to know about this sort of thing anyway, even if you don’t choose to go with a loft conversion. Property surveys protect all parties from issues and help speed up your sale because it creates buyer confidence.

Consult with an Estate Agent Early –

Setting your asking price is one of the first places sellers trip up, and it’s a tricky one to get right. This is sometimes due to outdated valuations or unrealistic expectations from the seller. That’s why it’s necessary to get expert advice before you put your property on the market. It’s easier to prevent an asking price issue than rectifying it later.

Speak to a few estate agents and get one on board as early as possible. They can give you a current market valuation with notes on how they work it out. They will research sales of similar properties in your area as a comparison. Then they’ll summarise the current state of your home, whether there are maintenance issues and if you have up-to-date surveys in place.

Before you enlist an estate agent, make sure you present a clean, well-maintained home. Their valuation is affected by lower standards, so improve things wherever possible first. Then you can discuss any plans you have for upgrades. They’ll be able to tell you whether spending money will improve the asking price and the selling potential.

An estate agent will also work on your behalf to find buyers, and they’ll even arrange viewings. They play a vital role, and the service they offer can reduce your home’s time on the market.

Using Home Staging Techniques when Selling –

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, home staging is an interior design technique that several of Aussie’s customers use when selling their home. It’s all about showcasing your home in its best possible light and adding touches to accentuate specific features. This ranges from small modifications all the way to moderate renovations.

People with an eye for detail might consider taking this on themselves, though this requires some due diligence and accurate costing. Even a minor job needs a budget, and you don’t want to overspend. You should also phone around and get quotes for an interior designer and possibly add a builder to the project to be thorough. Then you can weigh up whether you have time or need outside help.

Home staging has a proven track record for improving the aesthetic quality of properties, leading to quicker sales. We have previous customers who swear by it; some outsourced, others did it themselves. Your estate agent will also thank you for making their job a lot easier. It’s possible to apply home staging techniques to improve your chances of securing a sale significantly.

Aussie Man & Van – Helping You Get the Sale Fast in London –

The Aussie team has been moving people in London for over two decades. In that time, we learned a few things about the housing market, both good and bad. We understand how selling works and the pitfalls to avoid, with specific attention to the latter. Most of the issues we see are preventable; that’s why we hope this blog helps people in this scenario.

Spending over four months on the market is the main one to steer clear of. You’ll need to timeline everything and keep on top of things to achieve a timeous sale. You can also read our article on the best day and season to relocate by clicking on this link. We’re also happy to discuss anything related to this article.

If you’re organising the sale of your house or apartment in London, please contact us today. We have excellent removals packages, with specialist services to help you prepare your home for the market.