Top Moving Tips

Moving day can be quite daunting, especially when it’s your first time. It’s always best to plan ahead rather than leave it last minute. Here’s a helpful list of popular moving tips I’ve put together.

Aussie’s Standard Top House Moving Tips

  • Keep a bag on you with your valuables. We advise customers to carry passports, mobile phones, iPads, jewellery and money.
  • Use boxes! It is extremely hard to stack bags upon bags – they have no structure. Using boxes means the contents inside will not get squashed, and we can stack them, allowing more room in the van for your contents. You can order boxes in our online packing shop.
  • Use the correct size box. Small boxes are designed for heavier items (books/CDs), large boxes are designed for lighter items (lamps/linen).
  • Label the boxes. Clearly label each box with a summary of contents and what room it is to be placed in. This makes the unloading easy and quick.
  • Arrange for suitable parking for our vehicles. The closer we are to the property, the quicker the loading/unloading. Aussie can arrange this for you, given enough notice.
  • Check what time you get keys. It’s all well and good removing your contents and driving over to the new address, but not good news if we cannot gain entry to the property.
  • Do a walk-around. Make sure everything has been removed from your old property. Check cupboards and storage units.
  • Defrost your freezer. Make sure you do this at least 24 hours before your move to prevent leaks in transit.
  • Cleaning. If you are planning an end-of-tenancy clean, ensure this is done after the move – get in touch with your sales rep for a discounted rate.
  • Ask about crating. We can provide handmade crates to transport mirrors, artwork, and marble.


Aussie’s Unusual Top Moving Tips

  • Take pictures of electrics. This way you can’t forget which cable goes where!
  • Give back to the community. Prior to your removal, arrange for a charity to come and collect any furniture you know you won’t have space for in your new property.
  • Don’t crowd the crew. Small children and pets are liable to be packed. Best keep them out the way!
  • Pack and label a necessity box. This will include tea, coffee and biscuits. It’s the first box customers look for when the moves completed. Ahhhh, new home bliss!
  • Use sandwich bags! As well as packing lunch for the day, these are great for storing loose bolts and screws for dismantled furniture. These can be taped against the back of furniture.