Top Lifestyle Apps for Londoners

London Coffee Network

Whether you’re looking to track your health, create a home inventory or improve your business, there are apps available to help every aspect of your life. Apps are bridging the gap between our dependence on mobile technology and putting that to positive use. We can now open our Smartphone and see how far we’ve walked today. This can then lead to us deciding to go for a walk or a short jog to maintain an average amount of exercise per day.

Apps are the perfect way to have everything at the touch of a button. Aussie always shares good advice when we can, so we’ve put together some of our favourite apps, specifically for Londoners.

Aussie’s Top Five Lifestyle Apps – 

Couch to 5K – this app is exactly what is suggests, you’ll go from being a couch potato through various steps. The aim is to get you to run your first 5-K, and this app will help you move gradually and safely towards the fitness levels needed for a 5-K. It’s the perfect way for beginners and those of us who are exercise shy to motivate and get running.

London Coffee Network – ever wanted a convenient coffee but you’re not a fan of the mainstream baristas? Download London Coffee Network and you’re linked to a network for local London coffee shops. You can also earn free coffee points with the app every time you coffee up. The London Coffee Network is a perfect example of how new technology can help small business attract new customers.

TubeMap – confused about the Underground? Tubemap is your one-stop app for all your Tube queries. It gives updates on train times and any issues. What’s especially good is the route planner, which helps you work out the best Tube route to get to your final destination.

Uber – unless you’ve spent the last few years living on the moon, you’ll have heard of Uber. If you’re a bit slow on the uptake, then Uber is an app that connects you to available drivers. Uber has revolutionised the way we use paid transport, and although it has its critics, the company has gone from strength to strength. All you do is download the app, upload your details, save your payment info, and you’re ready to hail your first Uber car. The car and driver’s information appears, as well as the ETA. It’s the perfect app for London.

Sendinblue – we tried to keep this as lifestyle-orientated as possible, so this is the only work-related app. Sendinblue is a great app that covers a range of email related features. It’s the ideal app for any marketing or sales people, but if you want to use it in a simple way, its best function is the email tracker. If you’re on the move and you’re waiting for a response to an important email, you can use this app to see if it has been read. Sendinblue shows you if it has been read, and a diplomatic update email is in order. If the email is unread, you’d best get on the phone.


How Apps Can Help Navigate Life in London – 

The five apps we mentioned are a blip on the radar in comparison to the amount currently on the market. New apps releases happen every week.  Some are better versions or updates, others break new ground and offer savvy ways of using technology to help you organise your week.

There is no truer statement than there’s an app for most anything. The nature of the innovation of app technology is demand. If there is a need for something, it will eventually become an app. Even for people who don’t develop them, if they have an idea it’s not difficult to work with a developer to create an app. Who knows, maybe you’ve got an app or two in you.


Aussie – Why We Love Apps – 

It goes without saying that the Aussie team loves apps. We use them for just about everything, and we understand just how much easier they can make our everyday lives. Apps make it easier to get around London, find a great place for a coffee and check your calorie count. You can check out the latest movie releases and see what the weather is like for the week.

We always advise our customers to download home inventory apps when they book us to relocate. The sooner you know what possessions you’re transporting to your new home, the smoother the move will be. You’ll also be able to log everything with your insurance company, both before the move and when you arrive.

London is Aussie’s home, and we’re proud to call ourselves Londoners. We’ve earned our reputation as London’s favourite moving and storage company by paying attention to our customers. Not just for their removals and self storage requirements, but we also advise on things like app technology. We also want to see if they have any savvy app tips for us.

Contact us today to discuss what apps technology can assist you for your next big move.