Top Ideas for New Start-Ups in London with Aussie Man & Van

Reasons To Be Happy You Moved To London

Even though we’re just entering the second quarter of 2019, it’s already shaping into what could be a monumental year for the UK. Although some may suggest it’s not a good time to do so, this year could be the right time to start your own business enterprise. Like any new challenge, there are risks to consider and obstacles to navigate around. That simply means you need to do plenty of planning to ensure you’re ready. At times, there are aspects of other professions that are transferrable, and a moving checklist is one you should test out.

While it might sound off topic, moving checklists can provide you with a ready-made model on how to start a business. You’ll need to create a comprehensive list of every task. Then, it’s all about deadlines and ensuring you complete two – three action points per week. Additionally, there will be an element of removals involved when you find a suitable workspace to use as your base of operations. Aussie has years of experience of working with start-ups and new ventures, which makes us a useful partner for any company.

What’s the Best Business to Start in 2019? –

Tech – 2019 promises to be another tech-heavy year for start-ups in London. The capital is one of the most active cities in the world for new tech companies and innovation. AI is no longer in its infant stages and has taken the business world by storm, which reflects in the start-ups that are advancing its application. Even small businesses are regularly working with simple bot programs.

Health – it looks like Londoners are still extremely health conscious which is a driving force for like-minded start-ups. Whether it’s products that measure health, tech applications, sporting goods or selling produce, health is a winner. It crosses over into most of the favourite start-ups on this list, highlighting the scope on offer.

Food – which brings us nicely to our next start-up hot tip for 2019. Health foods have been under the microscope of late. With studies attacking homoeopathy and superfoods in wide circulation, it’s safe to assume both are unpopular. However, there is still a vastly profitable market for both. The real winner for any food start-up this year and beyond will undoubtedly belong to the vegan food market.

Consultancy – remember the saying ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ that leads to success? Well, if you’re struggling to see where you could begin your enterprise, it’s more about what you know that holds the key. Irrespective of what industry you currently work in, there is a viable opportunity to provide a professional level of consultancy and advice.

Other Tips for Reducing your Start-ups Costs on London –

Regardless of what industry your start-up falls into, you’ll need somewhere for your business to call home. However, that doesn’t mean you need to fork out a large portion of your budget or find additional investment for this single activity. Remember – your cash flow should have plenty of room available for investment in materials or equipment.

It all depends on what your specific requirements are for your enterprise. It’s unlikely that you’ll have lots of employees or produce a significant amount of goods in the first year of trading. And once you consider the cost of commercial rental in London, it’s essential to stay within your means. It’s a balancing act that can be made easier by keeping recurring expenses as low as possible.

A lot of start-up companies begin life in a garage – think of various successful tech and software companies such as Apple. With this in mind, there is another option you should consider for your start-up. Many of Aussie’s customers use our self storage units for a base of operations for their first year or two before moving when sales increase.

And by making a price comparison between commercial rental and self storage, you’ll conclude that it’s far cheaper per square metre in favour of storage. It’s possible to use a storage unit as an alternative office and storeroom. All you need is a desk, your laptop, a printer and possibly a filing cabinet. Split the room into sections, and you have yourself an affordable office and workspace.

Aussie – London’s Business Friendly Man & Van Company –

Aussie works with several start-up freelancers and enterprises presently who rent storage units from us. Our facilities are ideal for a start-up small business to keep costs down during the beginning stages of their company.

Having a dedicated workspace is crucial, and many people often struggle to work from home. The distractions can be difficult to overcome, and space limitations can quickly become an issue. Aussie has a positive reputation for our flexible approach and ability to help new enterprises enter the market.

Our team believes in the power of start-ups and SMEs, in addition to understanding the pitfalls and obstacles that come with them. No matter what industry you’re considering, Aussie is in your corner. The first year of trading is a tricky one – we’re on hand to help you lower your costs significantly.

If you’re making the decision to begin your first start-up company, please contact us today. We’re London’s favourite company for start-ups and new businesses.