Tips for Saving Money Part Two – Your First House Deposit

Saving Pounds

This is the second blog in our ‘tips for saving money’ series, this time it’s about saving money to put towards a deposit for a house or apartment in London. Getting your foot on the property ladder isn’t easy but it’s a good investment for your future; you’re paying a mortgage instead of paying rent every month and getting nothing in return, and you have a place you can call your own – which is something to be proud of.

One of the key aspects to getting value for money in the London property market is to know what your ideal target is. Are you looking to buy a two bedroom apartment with good transport links, preferably a Tube station, with at least one bathroom and a kitchen? Do you have a specific area you’re looking at or a budget limit? Are you looking to move out of your current rental apartment and find a three bedroom house which doesn’t add more than twenty minutes commute from your work? Do you want a garden or possibly a balcony?

Make a list of what you would ideally want when you start searching for properties. Even though this might be your first house or apartment deposit, it’s a commitment that you need to try and get as much out of as possible. You’ll have to make compromises at various points in your property search but you shouldn’t start before you’ve seen your first viewing.

Once you’ve worked out a few viable areas in London which suit your criteria and you have an understanding of the types of properties available there, and at what price, it’s time to start putting the number together. Work out how much you need to save each month to reach your target in twelve months. This is the essential link between planning and a plan of action. You can now look at your current finances to see how much you can realistically put aside into a savings account, with a view to arranging a mortgage and being able to pay a deposit within the set timeframe. It’s well worth visiting mortgage advisors now to start discussing relevant mortgages available to you so you’re ready when the time comes.

When you’ve found the perfect house or apartment and you’re finances are right, it’s time to arrange a mortgage, put an offer in, and if all goes well and it’s accepted, you can start planning your big moving day. And that’s the right time to contact Aussie.

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