Tips for Saving Money Part One – Trim Household Costs

Saving Pounds

Getting value for money is an essential way to ensure that you don’t find yourself in financial difficulties but it’s also the best way to have readily available funds for things like saving a deposit for your first home or apartment, trading in your car and upgrading, or booking that dream holiday. The more money you save the easier it is to navigate life no matter what it throws at you, and if you’re on top of your finances and/or savings, you have more time to dedicate to more useful things and you’ll feel less stressed. So it’s time to trim your household costs and Aussie is here to help.

Making a monthly budget is one of the easiest ways to make sure you can control your outgoings and the best way to begin is to get copies of your bank statements and try and keep records of other expenses. If you use Excel you can make a fairly basic spreadsheet that you can set up so that it automatically calculates when you update it, but it’s not essential, a Word document will suffice. The main aim here is to map everything out so you can identify areas where you can make savings. This doesn’t mean you have to stop doing anything that’s fun – it means being objective about how you spend money on certain things.

For example – maybe you spend a lot of money on petrol and some of that was for short journeys. Could you use public transport instead? Your heating costs are very high and you’ve discovered that your boiler is the cause. Although it’s an initial expense, would it be cheaper in the long-term to replace your old boiler if it will drastically reduce your energy bills? There are other things to look into, like downsizing your car for something more fuel-efficient, using public transport more, cooking food that can be frozen and used as packed lunches through the week, using no-name brands where possible, and many more things where you can make savings.

The next suggestion is to declutter and get rid of unused items. It might sound a bit off track but a cluttered home not only takes up unnecessary space, it makes it difficult to discern what you use on a regular basis and what you can do without. Without even realising it, you may have a lot of electrical items you no longer use but are still worth money – if they’re collecting dust they would be put to better use by being sold and you pocket the savings.

Another possibility is to clear out as much space as possible to free up a room in your house or apartment to rent out. There are various options as well – if you don’t want to have long-term lodgers or you’d prefer the freedom to use the room when you need to, Airbnb is a great option to rent a room out to bring in extra income.

If you need to free up some space and help save some vital funds at the same time then it’s about time you contact Aussie to discuss our wide range of services, all under one roof.

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