Tips on Moving House After a Sudden Change of Circumstances

Going Away for an Extended Trip Abroad? – Aussie Man & Van London Can Help

Moving to a new house is always a busy time that will take a lot of your spare time up with planning and booking services. However, some situations come out of the blue that we are unable to anticipate. In circumstances where a relocation is urgent, you need a reliable company in your corner.

Aussie Man & Van is a company that understands the importance of compassion during stressful times, and we’re ready to offer a helping hand. We know that life can easily take a turn, and emergency measures are needed for relocations and storage requirements. That’s why we’re here to take as much stress out of your relocation as possible.

Finding a Reliable Removals Company in London –

There is a valid reason why booking with a professional removals company is vital. And it’s much the same reason why you should give companies with low ratings a wide berth. The likelihood of damage and breakages is much higher. The potential for your total expenditure to increase is significantly more credible, rather than saving you money.

Online review platforms are an excellent research tool and will improve your chances of receiving a better standard of customer service. Years ago, consumers would have to go on word of mouth recommendations or mostly take a leap of faith. Now, through platforms like Google Live and Trustpilot, you can see how previous customers rated a company. It’s this level of insight that can provide you with a high quality of service.

Additionally, we don’t recommend choosing a removals company from price comparison sites. They only provide the lowest prices without any indication of the company’s rating or previous customer experience. Aussie is a five-star company, but our prices are also affordable, making it possible for everyone to enjoy our services.

Aussie Man & Van is BAR accredited, which means our company dedicates its focus to providing the highest level of customer service. This covers everything. From standards of removals, levels of health and safety, fair treatment of employees, correct avenues for complaints and much more. It’s our industry’s recognised certification board, and you should only work with compliant companies.

Tips on Balancing the Emotional Stages of Moving –

The first thing we suggest to anyone who’s going through any significant upheaval is to leave the packing to us. This will free up more time so you can deal with any related issues, and to spend time with your family and friends. And if your relocation will result in you moving further away, it’s vital that you take every opportunity to be with the people who are important to you.

Regardless of the reason for your relocation, it’s likely to be an emotionally trying time. This makes organising and planning things thoroughly almost impossible, and mistakes can happen as a result. Make sure you have a support system of friends and family around you. Don’t try and do everything yourself – enlist a person close to you to help with planning if possible.

The good news is that booking with Aussie Man & Van will help to reduce the burden of relocating. Our team will be with you at every step of your move and will do everything possible to assist. We can make referrals to other service providers if needed. And we pride ourselves on providing a one-stop range of services will cover your needs.

Aussie Man & Van – the Compassionate London Removals Company –

Aussie is London’s favourite removals company, and it’s down to our ‘can-do’ ethos that we apply to every job we undertake. We know that last-minute relocations are incredibly stressful and challenging to try and organise. That’s why you’ll have assistance packing and unloading at both locations, and your possessions are in safe hands.

The Aussie team have decades worth of experience, and we utilise this for every relocation we sign up for. People know us by our high standard of service. And our reputation allows us to work with hundreds of people every week. It’s our experience that happy customers will suggest us to their family, friends and colleagues. In addition, we also get repeat clients who use us for future removals and storage services.

Customer service is the key to everything we do, and we believe that it’s crucial for people who are dealing with sudden relocations. Compassion and understanding are completely necessary for these circumstances. And it’s our job to reduce the stress of moving in any way we can.

If you need a last-minute removals service in London, contact us today. We’ll gladly discuss our removals services, as well as any other information.