Tips on Keeping the Kids Entertained When Moving to a New House

Tips on Keeping the Kids Entertained When Moving to a New House

Packing up and relocating is rarely smooth sailing, but there are some ways to make things easier on yourself when undertaking a move. One of them is to give yourself as much time as possible by beginning your planning now. Undoubtedly, things are more complicated for people who are relocating with a young family. That’s why it’s just as important to make sure you can involve them in the move to keep them busy.

There are also emotional aspects to take into account when moving to a new city or town. And this can also make things more difficult for your children which also means for you. Fortunately, Aussie has been in this situation with tens of thousands of customers before. We’re always available to assist wherever we can with your relocation.

Top Tips on Making Packing and Moving Fun –

Make things interesting– you need to find a way to get them on board with the packing. If they have vivid imaginations, try and use this to your advantage and make a game out of packing.

Add in some incentives– if it sounds like bribery, that’s because it is…sort of. If you can convince your kids to part with any clothing, old appliances or other items they rarely use, offer them rewards.

Bring out the inner detectives– you’ll need to do lots of online research, so why not get your junior sleuths on the case? Delegate some tasks to them for another round of rewards.

Getting artsy while packing– pool together as many felt-tip pens, glitter and other craft supplies. You’re all going to decorate every fully packed and itemised box.

Prepare for the long journey– even if it’s a small one. If you have a tablet available, make sure you have plenty of things ready for them to watch. If you prefer something old school, a deck of cards and some verbal games can occupy them. Don’t forget the snacks and also pillows to encourage them to rest.

How to Help Your Child Cope with Moving Anxiety –

Moving home is never easy, but children will inevitably feel more anxious and less positive about relocating. They might be moving away from their best friends to somewhere unfamiliar and to them, completely abstract. That’s why it’s crucial that you do you do three things – involve them in the packing, visit your new location and retain contact with their current friends.

If possible, try and visit your new town or city at least two or three times. Get them to help you document any essential information, take video and photos. And try and do plenty of fun activities. Find out if their interests or hobbies are available in the area or close by.

And before you pack up – try and accommodate as much time as possible with their current friends. Then, set up some way for them all to keep in contact. This will help bridge the transition until they meet new friends.

Aussie – London’s Family-Friendly Removals Company –

The Aussie team understands how difficult it can be to relocate with a young family, both physically and mentally. You’re all waving goodbye to a lot of people you love and lots of memories that are stored in your current house. It’s also a time to reflect on the positives and great times you had there, in addition to being excited for the next chapter in your life.

That’s why you should book with a company that can assist you with the planning stages to take some of the burdens off you. It will also free up some time for you to spend with your family as you prepare for the big move, as well as seeing as many friends as possible.

Aussie has a range of removals and storage packages to suit every kind of relocation, no matter how many boxes, furniture and appliances you’re bringing with you. Make sure you book with London’s favourite family removals company. Aussie is here to help you make your relocation as smooth and stress-free as possible.

If you’re planning your next move and you have a young family, contact us today. We have the right removals and storage package for you.