Tips for Affordable Home Renovations and Improvements in London

Tips for Affordable Home Renovations and Improvements in London

We all have those moments when looking around our house or apartment when we think – this place lacks something. Maybe you’ve gone off the colour of the living room walls or you’ve been thinking about something more drastic, like a remodel of an entire room. No matter how you came to this decision it’s time to get started with your home improvements.

Now you’ve decided to renovate or make improvements to your home it’s essential to plan ahead. Living in London is all about getting value for money out of any investments you make – this is a good way to think when you begin to plan your new project and you should also be excited! This is a chance to get the most out of your home and maybe you can really turn it into something special.

Your reason for home improvements or renovations is a good place to start your plan – it’s essentially asking yourself exactly why you are doing this. If you’re looking to renovate with a view to selling your property then it’s a good idea to stick to improvements that increase the value of your house or apartment. A loft conversion is a great idea and it will not only create a new room but you’ll also have a better-insulated roof when you undertake the work. Problem is, they aren’t the cheapest things to do and you may be putting a lot of your renovation budget into something that won’t necessarily improve your property’s value. Remember – renovating to sell isn’t about what you might want it’s a way to lure new buyers in, so do your research, contact some estate agents, and see what their advice is.

If you’re just improving your house or apartment because you want to enjoy your living spaces then this is your passion project but also try to be reasonably objective. A really good way to revamp is to pick new colours for each room and shop around to see if you can compare prices from a few different DIY stores and get some samples. If your woodwork is a bit worn then more often than not you can plane the top layer off and repaint or varnish. It’s a good idea to consider putting some effort and budget into your plasterwork – a hole or dent in a wall is very noticeable, so fill them in or hire a decent plasterer, you’ll thank yourself later.

Whatever your reasons are for improvements for your home in London it’s worth putting some thought into how you’ll live in the same house or apartment while you’re renovating. The last thing you want to do is fork out money to stay somewhere else, but you also need to have enough space to actually live in your home.

The Aussie Team have worked with hundreds of people who are planning home improvements and our best advice is to use storage to keep your possessions out of the way while the improvements are taking place. It might just be a room’s worth of things but you’ll see the benefit of making this amount of space available and you’ll be making sure your things don’t get damaged.

We can help you move your possessions out of your spare room or loft and put them in the most suitable type of storage to suit your needs. We’ve created three storage packages – our revolutionary Ausbox storage, which is ideal for affordable storage, our container storage, and self storage options. Self storage gives you access to your possessions whenever you need to – it’s a 24/7 service and your storage room comes with an individual access code for extra security.

With an impressive range of services we’re confident we can offer you every possible service you need to help you start and complete your home improvements. Our dedicated specialists are always on hand to discuss your requirements.

Aussie is the can-do company – we take on every job with individual care and attention. We plan out every detail and we let nothing deter us from providing the best customer service available in London.

Contact us today and you’ll learn why we’re London’s favourite movers and storage providers.