Three Moving Myths Dispelled

As soon as you tell anyone you’re moving house, you’re often besieged by unsolicited advice and ominous warnings, and your friends and family turn into harbingers of doom, bombarding you with appalling anecdotes and horrible cautionary tales. It’s a wonder anyone can bring themselves to go through with it, so dreadful are the stories of woe. And when you’re not listening to those, you’re sifting through all the ‘helpful’ tips and pep-talks full of ‘useful’ tidbits. How on earth are you meant to separate the wheat from the chaff and work out what to listen to and what to dismiss? With this in mind, we’ve taken a look at a few moving myths – some of which you may have been subjected to – and looked at why they don’t stand up to scrutiny. With any luck, this will help you when the time comes and you’re fielding all that unwanted advice. When you hear any of these myths, it’s time to say, ‘talk to the hand’.

1. “You don’t have to get new cardboard boxes…you can just get them from the street and local supermarkets”. No, no, no. It’s always better to get new cardboard boxes, in a variety of pre-determined sizes, and in mint condition. Putting yourself through the stress of going from shop to shop, ending up with a mishmash of small, damp, old boxes that will require reupholstering with extra masking tape is just not on. Why subject yourself to this kind of chaos, when it’s so easy to order good, sturdy boxes from places such as the Aussie Packing Shop

2. “Moving house is the most stressful life event, along with divorce and bereavement”. This chestnut gets dusted down and polished every single time someone so much as moves to a bedsit, let alone a house. Haven’t we all heard it enough? Isn’t it time to say a loud, ‘shut up!’ to the people who insist on parroting it over and over again? With preparation, moving can be smooth sailing. If enough time is taken to strategise and work out what you can do yourself and what you need help with, there’s nothing to worry about. A good moving company knows what it’s doing and will get you settled in your new home. The people who like coming out with this line have often experienced a stressful move because of their own lack of foresight and planning.

3. “Moving on Friday is the sensible thing to do”. Oh, really? In fact, owing to increased demand, moving on Friday can actually be more expensive. Some companies structure their pricing this way. So with a bit of flexibility on your part, you can reduce your costs by moving earlier in the week.