Three more moving myths dispelled

Not long ago, we took at look at three of most persistent moving myths and we debunked them thoroughly. Now, let’s look at the next three and see if they stand up to scrutiny.

4. “Doing it yourself is cheapest”. The idea that hiring a van and do everything on your own saves money always sounds plausible, but does it work like that in reality? Very possibly not. You need to think about the man-hours you’re putting in and put a monetary value on them, because a lot more of them will be used up if you go it alone. Then there are expenses you might not have considered up-front – for starters, petrol for your vehicle and the right protective packaging for your more complex possessions, especially fragile artworks. In the end, hiring a removals company may not only be money well spent, but also less of it.

5. “There’ll always be at least one or two damaged items”. You may feel you have simply to accept before you move that somewhere along the line, possibly in transit, something’s going to get bashed. But in fact, it is possible to move while keeping everything intact. You can employ professional packers or make sure you’ve got all the right packaging yourself and you can swot up on how to use cardboard boxes correctly. Perhaps the hasty and carefree moves you might have undertaken in your early twenties just involved throwing everything into bin-liners and that is why the myth has taken hold that damage is inevitable. But it isn’t.

6. “Removals companies are full of shysters who just want to part you from your money”. The image of the removals company, back in the previous millennium, was rather tarnished, and a stereotype had taken hold – that of the lazy spiv on the make, determined to charge as much as possible for a lacklustre service. In part, Aussie, with its can-do attitude and helpful staff, was founded to challenge this very idea. You can assure yourself of certain standards by looking for companies that are BAR-registered (British Association of Removers). Movers today are no longer to be lumped in with estate agents and used car salesmen – we love helping people and we do it well.