Things To Remember When Renting in London – Part 1

Things To Remember When Renting in London - Part 1

Alas, in London, there’s no magical way of making renting (or owning, for that matter) an inexpensive undertaking. In fact, recent estimates put the average monthly rental price in London at a blood-curdling £1270 a month. But to help you offset some of that sum and hold on to more of your lucre, there are certain things you can do, whether it’s knowing the best way to furnish a flat on the cheap or making sure you can get your deposit back. Both from personal experience and as london’s favourite movers we’ve put our heads together and come up with some of our favourites.

  1. Protect your things – Yes, it may mean yet more money going out, but it could prevent huge losses farther down the line. Contents insurance is vital and also allows you to relax in ways you couldn’t without it. Just imagine leaving your home for a couple of weeks’ holiday and barely being able to sleep because you’re so fretful about the idea of being burgled. It’s not fun.
  1. Make sure you get your deposit back – Be certain of what your contract stipulates. For example, do you need to fill in the holes left by picture hooks before you leave? If you don’t sort these things out, your landlord will hold on to some of your deposit and may wildly overestimate the costs. In short, patch up damage, check your inventory to be sure everything’s present and correct, give the place a thorough clean and take photographs to prove you’ve left the place in fit repair.
  1. Get free stuff – If you’ve rented unfurnished/part-furnished, then use and to nab yourself great quality furniture for nothing. And it’s not limited to furniture – there’s equipment of all kinds on offer.
  1. Switch suppliers – Even if one or more of your utilities is on a pre-paid meter, you can still switch. And the good news is that even when your tenancy agreement says you can’t switch, Ofgem – the energy regulator – says that you shouldn’t be prevented without good reason, so always ask.