The Ultimate Guide to our Man & Van Service in London

The Aussie Go-To Guide for First-Time Buyers in London: Part Two

As our name suggests, we’re somewhat of an authority on all things man & van in London. It’s a highly sought-after removal service that gives people an efficient, cost-effective way of moving. And most removals providers offer it as part of their list of services. You might be asking – but isn’t this the same service from all removals companies?

We know that our man with a van service is a grade above most other companies from many years of experience. It’s possible to adapt our packages to create tailored services, which is handy if you have specific needs. Once you read this article, you’ll have the necessary information to find and book the right man & van service for your next relocation. 

The Various Functions of a Man & Van Service –

In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of man and van removals to highlight just how versatile it is. A service is only as innovative as the provider in question, and we like to think we push ourselves to perform to the highest level of service delivery. We offer a flexible range of services where it’s possible to add other elements in to suit our customers’ specifications.

Aussie‘s domestic Man & Van package is affordable and ideal for small moves, typically of between one- and two-bedroom properties. When you book, you’ll have two of our expert removers on board to take care of the heavy-lifting work. That means you won’t have to lift a finger, leaving more time to deal with the various other tasks associated with moving.

For the more complicated jobs, we have the capacity to add in management oversight to keep everything on track. This often requires some strategic assessment and planning to ensure all the parts work seamlessly. While we prefer a decent timeframe to work with, it’s still possible for us to accept emergency requests.

We cater to households and businesses in London, which often includes heading out to the neighbouring areas and other parts of the UK. We seek to provide the highest standard of customer service for every job, which is why we’re London’s number one for man & van services.

Small Scale Man & Van Home Removals –

The way we often evaluate someone’s situation relates to the total volume of items they’re moving with. We refer to this as the load, and once an assessment is complete, this figure determines the most suitable removals package. There are two primary domestic removals services at Aussie – a Man & Van and Home Removal packages. And the main difference between them is the vehicle’s volume capacity, but there are always exceptions.

Aussie’s Man & Van service is ideal for people moving out of properties with one- or two-bed room’s number of possessions. The smaller vans are ideal for coping with city-centre traffic and can easily change the route. For three bedrooms and up, our Home Removals service utilises a few larger van sizes. However, there are some circumstances where a man with a van service undertaking several trips might be a better option, especially if there are loading and unpacking restrictions.

It all boils down to our assessment process and any unusual sized pieces of furniture or appliances. Then, we take the location’s specifications into account before making our final conclusion. From there, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. You’ll have all the relevant information at hand, and we can go into more detail about this at any time before booking.

Local Business Distribution Man & Van –

This year saw many changes for how businesses operate, with many looking to trim costs and alter their set-up. Aussie is now working with an increasing number of companies for storage and distribution. The shift in circumstances has been rapid, and many companies are finding it challenging to keep up with operating during the lockdown period.

By allowing us to manage your company’s storage and distribution, you won’t have to worry about stock management or order fulfilment. Our team are time-served experts in removals, storage, and often various other useful trades. We can provide a white-glove service and take care of any assembly requirements your goods or equipment might have.

With twenty-five removals vans available in various sizes, we can take on any removals, storage or distribution job. Every vehicle is kitted out with the latest equipment and tools. And by using a removals company, you’ll have the peace of mind that every item will have specialist handling as standard. This highlights how our Man & Van service can adapt to serve transferrable needs for both domestic and business customers.

No Vehicle? No Problem with Man & Van –

Many people who are thinking of using our storage facilities don’t have a suitable vehicle to transport their possessions. That’s why Aussie has specific packages where we can offer assistance with collecting your belongings. For container storage, we will bring the empty unit to your home or office. For self storage, we will arrange to collect your items with our Man & Van service.

Our team will help you pack and prepare things for storage, which we offer removals customers. We have years of experience in packing and will be able to give further advice when preparing everything. Furthermore, we will assist with creating an inventory before your items go into the storage unit.

Aussie has staff members on-site to unload and unpack your belongings into your storage unit. We’ll arrange everything to make sure there are no issues with overpacking. All our packages complement each other, which means they interact seamlessly when we need to incorporate them. Before we sign anything off, we’ll perform a thorough assessment and send you a free, no-obligation quote.

Local and Long-Distance Removals Services –

Every relocation entails lots of planning and phoning around, with some people working with more than one company. While there’s an element of truth in saying all removals jobs can be challenging, it usually increases by how far your new destination is. Fortunately, Aussie’s customers needn’t worry about that because we can do everything they need. Whether you’re moving from one part of London to another area or heading to another part of the UK, we have the right solution.

Starting from £400 (inc VAT), Aussie Man & Van can transport the contents of a one-bedroom apartment container from London to another area in the UK. We achieve this through a network of partner companies, making it possible to maintain low costs. And like all companies with a high customer service standard, we pass our savings onto our loyal customers.

People don’t always require the use of a large, articulated removal’s van when it comes to long-distance removals. That’s why we still utilise our man & van vehicles for this purpose, even for national or European moves. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to a relocation, and we’re always looking for the most efficient, budget-friendly way to service our customers’ requirements.

Excellent Value and Customer Reviews –

There are many things to deal with when you begin planning a relocation. This often becomes a balancing act between your home and work life while trying and organise everything. And before you know it, you’re closing in on your moving date, and you still have a lot to do. That’s why it’s crucial you book with a removals company who can assist with the preparation stages.

Customer service is the number one focus for everything we do at Aussie Man & Van. In addition to the standard removals and storage packages, we have additional services that you won’t find anywhere else. For us, the more options equal a better standard of service because we can cater to various people’s requirements

If you’re planning your next relocation in London, a neighbouring county or further away, you should book with a company with high ratings. Aussie is the ‘can-do’ removals and storage company. We will take on any removal or storage job, delivering the best possible service. We’re here to make your upcoming relocation as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Aussie – London’s Number One Man & Van Company –

Aussie Man & Van operates with a ‘can-do’ ethos that acts as the foundation of every service our company offers. Our Man & Van package allows people to receive the highest standard of service. Additionally, we strive to give people more value for money, making it possible for everyone to have a successful relocation within their budget.

Aussie has been working in London for nearly twenty years. And many of our team have experience in this industry that stretches beyond that. Our crew are experts in removals, and every suggestion we make is with our customer’s interests in mind. For us, a successful relocation stems from thorough preparation and leaving nothing to chance.

If you’re looking for a man with a van service that covers all bases, please contact us today. We can accommodate just about every scenario with our unbeatable range of removals services.