The Merits of Container Storage

Here are some simple facts about container storage and why it’s a great option:

People normally pick container storage because they plan to store their items for a prolonged period and neither want nor need regular access to their possessions. Container storage is the cheapest option for that very reason.

The large wooden containers boast a capacity of over 250 cubic feet and are perfect for most items. Your container will be brought to you via specialist lorry. Everything will be loaded up and then taken to our secure warehouse in London. Your goods will be itemised and every box will be sealed and given a unique identity code, so that you and only you can access it.

There’s basic insurance for your possessions but if you have delicate or expensive items, we can advise you about additional insurance. Alternatively, click on the main website’s terms and conditions for all details about insurance and how much it costs.

Container storage isn’t just for households. If your business has items that are needed for things like archive services then a container is a great option. It can spare you the need for an on-site archival system. For some businesses, it’s a necessity to keep documents for a certain period of time. However, this takes up space that could be better used for other purposes. Container storage is the ideal solution.

If you need frequent-access storage, then check out the other storage options on our main website, where you’ll also find a comprehensive list of prices.