The Best Commuter Towns Near London in 2019

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As we head into May, it looks like 2019 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for the housing market in London and the UK. With a record number of new developments, quotas for affordable housing and other factors, there are signs of movement of people heading in and out of the city. A lot of Londoners are looking to move out of the city-centre to enable them to buy their first property instead of renting. That’s why many are looking around the up and coming areas of London or at the nearby commuter towns for places to buy.

While many fantastic things attract people to buy property in London, one of the key aspects of its attraction is the transport system. You can get to every part of the capital via the Underground, and there are lots of regular trains, buses, taxis and even a ferry to cross the Thames. Parts of London are going through significant regeneration work, and this has led to a rise in inter-city relocations. At Aussie Man & Van, we notice this as it affects how we operate. Not only have we seen an increase in moves to South London, but we regularly relocate people to the commuter towns.

The Best Places to Live Near London –

High Wycombe – with a favourable average house price of around £332, 000, High Wycombe makes a lot of sense for you financially. You can be in London within thirty minutes and the cost of a season ticket is just under £3, 700, which is reasonable. Wycombe is a vibrant town in Buckinghamshire that has a lot going for it, which is why it tops our list.

Basingstoke – our next location is Basingstoke, which is slightly further out than Wycombe, with an average journey to London at forty-five minutes. House prices in Basingstoke average at £320, 000 but the travel costs are much higher, with season tickets at £4, 600. However, you should take into account that this area rates as one of the highest for resident satisfaction in the UK.

Gravesend – Kent has always been a popular place for Londoners to head to when city life became too much. You might surprise many people to see Gravesend in our list, but with average house prices at £285, 000 and a season ticket at £3, 600, it starts to make more sense. It may not be as famous as Margate or Tunbridge Wells, but the value for money factor is hard to ignore.

Overton – this moderately sized village may seem like an odd choice but stick with us. Although it just under an hour’s journey to London, on average, properties here are £215, 000. Due to the distance away, the travel will set you back approximately £4, 700, but this might appeal to people who want to get away from the London bustle.

The Benefits of Commuter Towns near London –

If you’re looking to move away from London to quieter surroundings, there are plenty of nearby commuter towns that are under an hour away. With transport and technology improvements, it’s easier than ever to commute to work and live outside of the capital. You can have a London career with a better quality of life that a smaller town or village offers.

Like any relocation, the more time you spend before your move, the easier it will be. We always suggest doing as much online research as possible. If you pick a few areas, you like the look of; you can find out a lot about them. In addition to your online research, you should visit each potential location a few times to see if it’s for you.

It’s crucial that your research centres on the quality of the transport links between the commuter town and your workplace. Ideally, you’ll need a railway station in or near the town. And you should also aim to keep your commute to under one hour from London.

Then, you can investigate other aspects that will inform and influence your final decision. That’s things like education, healthcare, local amenities, restaurants, bars, leisure activities and outdoor spaces. But these examples are by no means exhaustive. You should create a list of things that are important to you and be as thorough as possible.

Before you jump into arranging viewings yourself, it’s usually essential to contact a local estate agent in the area. They can do a lot of the legwork for you by sifting out properties that don’t match your criteria. It’s also possible to get them to check for things like property inspections and general housing sales in the town.

Aussie Man & Van – Removals and More for Your Relocation to a Commuter Town –

The Aussie team moves thousands of people out of London every year, with many hoping to find a better quality of life outside of the capital. We make regular trips from London out to the neighbouring counties. Additionally, our team also live in various parts of London and the surrounding areas, so we understand why people choose to relocate.

Aussie is London’s fastest growing removals and storage company, and we move hundreds of people into their new commuter towns every week. It’s our ‘can-do’ attitude that makes this possible because we’re always ready to go the extra mile for our customers.

We work all over London and all surrounding areas, with customers returning to use us even after they leave the capital. We have five branches spread throughout London, making it possible for all Londoners to enjoy our high standard of customer service.

London may be essential for your work, but that doesn’t mean you have to live there. Contact us today, and we’ll happily provide you with more tips on commuter towns and our range of services.