The Benefits of Using Storage & Our Range of Packages in London

Storage London

For people or businesses that need to create more space in London, one of the best options is renting a self storage unit from Aussie. We have hundreds of storage customers because we’re a reliable company offering several storage options. We can discuss your exact requirements so they can go through the various packages.

Aussie Man & Van is one of London’s fastest-growing companies, and we work hard to ensure our storage packages cater to everyone’s needs. We can provide our customers with three excellent storage options for domestic and business customers. If you’re using storage because of a relocation, we also have a range of removal services available.


  • 5 Reasons to Use Storage in London
  • Storing Valuables for Long Periods
  • Using Self Storage for Business
  • AusBox – A Unique Storage Package
  • Students Going Home for Vacation
  • Reclaiming the Garage
  • Man & Van and Home Removals Services

5 Reasons to Use Storage in London

Are you tired of tripping over stuff at home? Wondering where to stash those extra belongings? Consider storage in London – it’s not just for keeping your secret superhero costume hidden. Here are five solid reasons why diving into the storage game could be your next winning move.

  1. Container storage for long-term needs: No more wrestling with winter gear in summer or dodging surfboards in the hallway. Container storage is your closet away from home. Long-term storage solutions ensure your valuables stay safe and sound, giving you breathing room at home without sacrificing sentiment.
  2. How businesses can leverage storage: Self storage is for more than just hoarding office supplies. It’s a game-changer for streamlining operations. From excess inventory to seasonal decorations, businesses can declutter their workspace, making room for what matters – productivity.
  3. Student storage for vacation time: Students, rejoice! Forget dragging your life across town during the break. With student storage, your dormitory exodus becomes a breeze. Keep your textbooks, futons, and pot noodle stash safe and secure until the next semester rolls around.
  4. Returning the garage and other rooms to their former glory: Face it, the garage isn’t your car’s home – it’s a storage unit with a driveway. Reclaim your space! Whether it’s sporting equipment, old furniture, or that collection of mismatched coffee mugs, storage helps you turn chaos into calm, one room at a time.
  5. Removal services to link with storage: moving? Don’t break a sweat; break out the storage! Linking removal services with storage is like a match made in moving heaven. It’s the strategic play that ensures your stuff is secure while you transition to the next chapter of your life.

So, why storage in London? Simple – it’s your ticket to maximising living spaces and minimising chaos. Keep what you need, stow away the rest, and live clutter-free. Your space, your way.

Storing Valuables for Long Periods

Many people entrust their treasured possessions to our Container Storage package, drawn to the fortress-like security of our facilities. It’s not just a space; it’s a vault for your memories. This option caters to those safeguarding furniture destined for future use by family members.

Security is paramount here, and our explainer video below vividly illustrates the meticulous process of packing and stacking these container units – a seal of trust, giving you not just storage but peace of mind.

Seal and stack – that’s the secret sauce. You’re maximising the security and value you receive for your investment. However, it comes with a caveat – access is limited. This isn’t the storage solution for those seeking a revolving door to their belongings. For the lock-and-forget crowd, individuals desire a place to stash their valuables long-term without frequent visits.

But what if your storage needs demand a more open-door policy? Self-storage might be the answer if you need to reach your belongings regularly. Unlike the sealed and stacked containers, self storage provides the flexibility of access without restrictions. It’s the option for those who want the security of storage without the limitations on retrieval. Consider your access needs, seal and stack or open and retrieve – the choice is yours.

Using Self Storage for Business

In the business world, where flexibility is vital, self storage emerges as the ultimate solution. Picture this: short-term storage that matches your need for regular access. Think of this as more than just a storage space; it’s a dynamic solution, a lifeline for businesses juggling inventory daily. It’s the go-to for businesses in perpetual motion, not just any businesses – startups and SMEs, the heartbeat of innovation.

Have you ever wondered how those thriving ecommerce and small to medium-sized businesses keep the gears turning smoothly? They leverage storage as an offsite stockroom and a delivery hub, seamlessly loading and unpacking multiple times daily.

It’s more than storage; it’s a command centre without the weighty commercial rental costs. Flexibility is the name of the game here – no long leases, no unnecessary commitments. It’s rent as you need, adjusting the size of your self storage unit to fit your growth trajectory or scaling down if business needs change. It’s your space, on your terms.

So, if you’re in the business game and need a partner that understands the hustle, self storage is your ally. It’s not just a unit; it’s a flexible extension of your business, adapting to your rhythm and pace. The keys to your business kingdom are just a storage unit away – accessible, secure, and ready when you are.

AusBox – A Unique Storage Package

Imagine a storage solution that’s like a hybrid of your favourite things – Aussie’s AusBox Storage is just that. It’s not your average storage – it’s a clever blend of container and self storage, but compact, designed to fit the rhythm of your life while keeping your costs lean. Cut your London storage expenses by more than half with AusBox – this is crucial for those who want all the benefits without breaking the bank.

Here’s the lowdown on the sizes: AusBox, a roomy 250 cubic feet at £26 plus VAT per week, and the AusBox mini, a snug 175 cubic feet at £15 plus VAT. The AusBox is perfect for those seeking a budget-friendly, long-term storage solution. And get this – you can pop by your unit up to four times a month without tacking on extra charges. It’s storage that’s not just affordable but accessible, giving you the best of both worlds.

There is no need to lug your belongings to a secure warehouse. We’ll swoop in, collect your goods from your home, let our professional packers work their magic, transport everything to the storage facility, and seal it snugly in the AusBox. No worries about broken items or wasted space – we handle everything, ensuring your belongings are secure and your storage journey is as smooth as possible.

Students Going Home for Holidays

When you’re studying, Aussie plays a crucial role as the storage partner for many students. As the term winds down, the student exodus begins, but only some people want to leave their belongings in a vacant house. That’s where we step in – offering a lifeline for students seeking a haven for their possessions during the break.

Now, let’s talk AusBox – the golden ticket for students with a smaller stash of belongings. It’s not just about finding a place for your stuff. It makes financial sense to use storage. Understandably, students are budget-savvy, and AusBox is priced right for those looking to store their essentials without burning a hole in their pockets.

But let’s address the elephant in the room – the security concerns in student areas. It’s no secret that these zones are hotspots for burglaries. Electronics abound, and lax security or poor maintenance makes break-ins too easy.

Are you going on vacation? Leaving everything behind in shared accommodation is a risk, a leap into the unknown. The solution? Take it all with you or entrust your belongings to a storage unit until you return to your studies. Aussie takes security seriously – it’s not just about storage; it’s peace of mind, knowing everything is safe and secure until your triumphant return to university life.

Reclaiming the Garage

The garage is a mystical space where dreams of an organised haven clash with the reality of stacked boxes and forgotten treasures. We’re all guilty of it. Our cars are banished to the driveway, while the garage becomes a mausoleum of boxes. The solution? Self storage is the key component in the quest to reclaim your garage from the clutches of clutter.

Picture this: your garage transformed into a space you can use. Many savvy Aussie customers have cracked the code, using storage as an extension of their home. It’s not just about stashing stuff; it’s about having an extra garage-like space accessible during our business hours. Think of it as a secret hideaway for your belongings, waiting patiently until you need them.

Container storage is the ideal option for furniture destined for the future. If your garage resembles a furniture warehouse, container storage is your lifeline. It’s not just about reclaiming the garage but securing those future comforts. And it’s not just the garage – spare rooms and lofts can benefit too. Storage isn’t just a solution; it’s a secure option for your overflow.

Imagine converting those neglected spaces into a brand-new room – a hobby haven, a cosy nook, or simply a breathing space in your home. Storage isn’t just about reclaiming space; it’s about creating possibilities.

Man & Van and Home Removals Services

If you’re organising your next relocation, choosing a moving company based on quality is essential. Going with the closest or cheapest option is always tempting, but many customers have had bad experiences doing this. Most tell us about multiple breakages, the removal company turning up late, or they didn’t turn up.

Fortunately, Aussie customers can have excellent customer service at affordable rates. We have five branches all over London to ensure we cover every part of the capital. Each facility boasts storage units, a fleet of removal vehicles, and onsite amenities for our customers. We can move you anywhere in London; you’ll have a local branch nearby.

Another crucial feature of every Aussie branch is our range of removal options. We often use our Man & Van service for smaller moves for several reasons. The smaller vans make it easier to move around the city, especially during rush hour or unforeseen congestion. It can also be better to use a smaller van with multiple trips for inner-city moves.

For larger volumes of items, we recommend our Home Removals service. If you own more significant pieces of furniture, it’s usually better to transport them in their current state. Taking things like wardrobes and beds apart can damage the fixings. Therefore, the large vans can get the relocation done in one trip without disassembling tricky items.

Aussie Man & Van – London’s Number One for Removals and Storage

At Aussie Man & Van, we put much effort into our removals and storage packages to cater to everyone’s requirements. We listen to our customers’ needs and create our packages with their feedback. This close relationship with our customers helps them get the service they need.

When we notice a gap, The Aussie team also looks at ways of improving or creating new packages. We knew some customers were looking for a smaller storage option on a budget. Our team took this information, and AusBox was the result. Now, Aussie’s customers can find storage options that fit their needs.

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ company, and we’re always happy to discuss your storage needs, even if you’re making a general inquiry. Moreover, our friendly staff is always available to chat about anything related to storage or removals.

If you want more information about the benefits of using storage in London, contact us today. We have an unbeatable range of storage services, and we guarantee to have the right one for you.