Stamp Duty

Posted on March 19, 2016 by Lauren May

Stamp duty has hit the headlines again recently because there are changes afoot, particularly affecting additional homes, such as Buy to Let properties. There will also be new relief for home movers and downsizers. But what is Stamp duty? Well, its full name is Stamp Duty Land Tax, sometimes abbreviated to SDLT and it’s a tax you pay on any property you buy that’s of over a certain value. In April 2016, the tax will be changing and new rates will come in for second homes and buy-to-lets. Stamp duty is always paid by the person doing the buying, not the selling, and it isn’t applied to removable chattels and fixtures such as curtains or freestanding furniture. However, anything actually attached to the property, such as fitted kitchens and inbuilt wardrobes, does add to the tax.

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