Books Packing Know-How

Posted on February 19, 2016 by Lauren May

Packing books – it’s easy, right? Put books into a cardboard box, seal the box, job done. Well in fact, it’s a bit more delicate than that. And doing it right can make a huge difference to the speed and safety of your move while also preserving the condition of your precious literature. Yet while we toil over the finer details of moving fragile good such as glassware and crockery, quite rightly protecting each item with wrapping paper, books get short shrift, sometimes tossed carelessly around with little thought or consideration. This leads to all sorts of problems, not least of which are torn pages and damaged spines. And it’s not just the spine of a book that’s at risk – if you pack books without at least a little planning, you could end up with boxes so heavy, you do your own spine an injury.

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