Involving Your Team In A London Office Move

Posted on April 21, 2017 by Lauren May
Crate Hire London

If your business is getting itself ready to hop, skip and jump to shiny new premises, then there’s probably a greater number of people to think about than when you move house. Whether you’re a small business or medium-sized, you’ll have a team of individuals whose lives are going to be as affected by the change as yours is. It always works better if, instead of letting them be dragged along passively with you, you involve them in the move, take their voices into account and let them feel part of the process. If there aren’t obvious ways of achieving this occurring to you immediately, then here are some of our ideas for pulling it off. After all, it’s almost certainly going to be a smoother transition with everyone on the same page.

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Office Moves

Posted on July 8, 2016 by Lauren May

Sometimes, our prowess with house and flat moves and all manner of domestic relocations, means that one of our specialities gets overlooked – namely, our commercial moving department. Aussie absolutely excels at moving businesses of 50/60 desks and even more (or less), including technology migration and IT infrastructure relocation. We can work at any time of day so that the negative impact to your company is minimised along the way and unnecessary disruption avoided. One thing you may not know is that by going with a company like Aussie, you could be saving significant sums. Some companies that only do office removals have higher charging structures than a company like us, that does all manner of moves.

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