Packing Up Before A Move When You’ve Got An Infant

Posted on June 2, 2016 by Lauren May

No one could call it easy to up sticks and move house when there’s a toddler in tow – and yet, conversely, it’s a time when lots of people do move, precisely because they need more space for their burgeoning family. One good thing about one- to three-year-olds is that they generally haven’t learnt how to ask ‘Are we nearly there yet?’. But apart from that, they can seriously add to the demands and difficulties of relocation. That being said, if you take a few measures and bear the odd thing in mind, you can move house along with your infant without piling extra stress and anguish on to your already-overburdened shoulders. But before you move, you have to pack up. Here are three tips for doing it when you’ve got a toddler.
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