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How To Find The Right Part of London For You

Posted on August 27, 2016 by Lauren May

You may already be here but feeling somehow unsatisfied by your chosen area. Or it could be that you’re on the cusp of joining the teeming, bustling masses of the capital for the first time. Perhaps following a period of self-exile, you’ve decided that London’s not so bad after all and you’re plotting your return. Of course, money largely determines where we feel we can or can’t live in in the city. Some people are prepared to sacrifice space in order to be reasonably central. Others gladly endure a long Tube journey back and forth every day so that they can reside in larger properties and enjoy luscious gardens and patios. Sometimes there’s so much to consider that it seems near-impossible to determine which part of London is the one for you. We did a bit of asking around among the team here at Aussie, and we’ve distilled the results down to three crucial questions.

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