Container Storage London

Aussie Containerised storage is the perfect option if you don’t need constant access to your belongings – and at £20 a week, it’s a brilliant and affordable bolt-on service if you’re using us for your removals process. We use large wooden containers, which you can see in the picture (below). Our units are 7ft high x 7ft long x 5ft wide, giving an internal 250+ cubic feet of capacity. Because we load at the collection point and then deliver back out of the same box, containerised storage is both efficient and safe. You can relax, knowing your excess goods are in safe hands, stored in our purpose-built, 50,000 sq. foot high security warehouse in London (pictured to the right).

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We will collect the goods you need to store with us in a special lorry which is designed to carry the containers. This saves packing your belongings twice and keeps the cost down. Our guys will load your belongings at your house and make a detailed inventory list of all the goods you will be storing with us. We will give you a copy of the list once we have loaded and sealed the box with a unique identity code so that you have total piece of mind that your belongings are safe and only accessible by you whilst in store.

We charge a weekly rate of £20 per container plus VAT for this service which will invoice you one calendar month in advance. This is normally paid by a direct debit arrangement with your bank.

Our standard level of insurance for which you do not have to pay any additional charges is £40 per item as defined by the inventory list. If your possessions are worth more, we recommend you take out additional insurance to cover the full value of the contents. This is normally done by you declaring the value to the nearest £1000. We will charge you 65p per £1000 cover per week which includes 10% Insurance premium tax. So if you declared £5000 in value, the charge per week £2.75 per week for our all risk insurance.

If you do need access to the container we will need 5 working days notice to bring your container down from the warehouse, open the seal and note of any inventory changes that occur during this process before re sealing and replacing your container into the warehouse. We charge £45 plus VAT for this service.