Spotlight on Streatham

Removals Company Streatham

When you’re looking for a removals company in Streatham, we’re the best choice you could make, because over more than a decade in London, we’ve built up a considerable degree of familiarity with this area. Not every SW16 removals company has quite the know-how or the local knowledge to compare. We’ve seen the area changing and thriving in all the different incarnations it’s been through since the late 1990s.

Although many know it as the birthplace of Naomi Campbell, Streatham’s history can actually be traced back to Roman England, during which time a typically straight road passed through it, going from London to what is now Brighton. The area also features in the Domesday Book, at which time it was known as ‘Estreham’. By the 18th century, change was afoot; the village of Streatham became celebrated for its natural springs, said to have healing powers.

Not until 1856, when Streatham Hill train station opened, did development and urbanisation kick off in earnest. By the early 1900s, an ice rink, three cinemas, ballrooms and a theatre all gave the area a reputation as an entertainment mecca. Following a high point in the 1950s, a decline occurred and by the 1980s, Streatham was taking a serious downturn. The Cynthia Payne brothel scandal did little to help its reputation. This, however, meant that it began to appeal to prospective homeowners unable to afford the areas they grew up in, and we have seen the area start to flourish anew in recent years. Formerly vacant lots have been filled with restaurants, bars, bustling coffee shops and even a jazz venue. Streatham is smartening up its act and becoming great again. If you’re planning a move and getting curious, then you’ll be reassured to know that we’re a confident and experienced Streatham removals company and we can tell you more about what the area’s like. It has its own local newspaper, the Streatham Guardian, and you can get a feel for the place by heading to their website We think that great times lie ahead for Streatham-ites as more and more people catch on to the charms of this South London enclave.