Spotlight on Harlesden

Because we’re a north-west London removals company, we often have an unerring sense of which London areas are on the up, and for no area is this more the case than Harlesden, something we spotted several years ago, long before the press caught on. For years it was something of a no-go area and as recently as 2000, it had the highest rate of murder in Britain (based on Police research). However, after that unarguably low point, when it was sometimes dubbed ‘London’s Bronx’, things began to turn around bit by bit.

Back in the 19th century, the area was a quiet country village, but with the development of railways, it began to urbanise itself. Factories (including McVitie & Price, which later became United Biscuits) sprang up in the place of woodland and farm. Housing spread out in all directions, and the area became part of London. Train stations in Kensal Green, Willesden Junction and Harlesden itself, all contributed to the growth, with cottages built for the industrial and train workers and more elaborate housing for the middle-classes.

Demographically, by the 1970s, the area was attracting people from Ireland, India (and the Indian sub-continent), Africa and the Caribbean. Then came Portuguese and Brazilians. Today, the rows of Victorian terraced houses are pulling in buyers unable to afford the places they grew up in, ranging from Chelsea to Queen’s Park, and every removals company in Harlesden, ourselves included, is undertaking more and more moves there.

Removals Company Harlesden

Harlesden hasn’t yet reached the ‘Waitrose’ stage of gentrification, but it seems somehow inevitable that it will, given that some of its properties at the top end have hit the £1.5 million mark. Among its residents is Louis Theroux, and innumerable intellectuals and artists are starting to follow his example and make Harlesden their home. Routes for cars, buses and trains heading into central London are quick and easy, and the area feels distinctly urban rather than suburban, adding to its appeal. Since we’re an NW10 removals company, we can tell you more about this and other up-and-coming London hot-spots as and when we discover them.