All snowed out

Imagine powering through the wondrous West Highlands, through layers of thick white snow over two long days? Exciting right?

I loathe the London snow, the typically cold weather and of course the dangerous, icy pavements – but the thought of white snow in another country always seems soothing to me. Check out some of the snaps our guys caught on the move…

Before they set off from London, during their two-day pack and load, they had to chisel a fireplace out of a wall. Not many customers want to take theirs with them, but this antique beauty was not being left behind. There was a fragile chandelier and marble Arco lamp which had to be crated for protection. Along with these items was a monstrous eight-foot grand piano, which was handled with much care, and a 16-foot potted tree which just about fitted into the truck.

Our main driver for the move grew up in Romania, and has travelled through the Alps of Europe. With his teammate, he set off with chains and shovels, prepared to dig out any obstruction on the way. They stopped off for lunch at a Scottish removals firm who we often work with when we are up north. They got to meet the company’s pet cow, Hamish! Very unusual, but that said, we have three dogs in the office at Aussie daily.

We booked a cabin lodge for the overnight stay, where they had stunning views overlooking Loch Ness. On the morning of their return, Aussie treated the crew to a boat trip overlooking the frosty waters. They claim they saw Nessie the night before lurking through the misty evening clouds…but, although I’m Scottish, I find this hard to believe…I guess we’ll never know.