Rightsizing for Your London based Company

Rightsizing for Your London based Company

Rightsizing for Your London based Company – Make Aussie Part of Your Strategy

All businesses go through various stages of assessment to ensure that they perform efficiently and stay profitable. There’s no manual for knowing when it’s time to start looking at your company’s structure to see where costs can be cut, but to survive the ever-changing business trends and economic shifts, businesses from every sector will eventually need to evaluate their financial performance.

If you run a company in London your business might be at this turning point. Your cash flow needs to show more profit, your overheads need to go down, and you need to do both without your company’s performance suffering. The one question that a lot of people who run companies face is – what is the right size for my company? This often leads to a term called rightsizing in which a company undergoes a series of adjustments aimed at cost cutting.

Unlike downsizing, rightsizing is seen as a more progressive and ongoing concept that involves a lot of data capturing around things like performance, financial efficiency, expenditure and cash flow/profit. Downsizing may have some short-term benefits of saving expenditure but not only does it mean making a lot of staff members redundant, it can also affect your company’s reputation. Although rightsizing can be seen as a softer option or the shinier side of the same coin, if your company decides to undertake a rightsizing strategy, with its focus centred on performance, with limited to no redundancies, then this ethical approach would be a proactive way of cutting costs.

This is where strategy plays a vital role, especially when rightsizing is undertaken with a view of being as ethical as possible. You need to work out exactly what your costs are, if there’s any way of reducing expenditure on overheads, and if your staff are motivated and are doing a great job, retain them – good employees are your greatest asset, don’t take them for granted. Make your strategy about efficiency and updating your operational functions to make your company a lean and efficient machine. If there are training issues, address them proactively. Your current employees have a working knowledge of your business and how it operates – retain and train them. An employer that treats their staff like they would their customers will have a good reputation within the local community, which can pay off when it comes to word of mouth sales, if applicable.

London is a city where businesses thrive or fade – it’s a constant job to assess and reassess performance and expenditure, to ensure that your company is ahead of the curve and always thinking of ways to be innovative. It’s a difficult place to set up and maintain a successful business but the rewards outweigh the risks if you play your cards right.

One part of your strategy that you need to make use of is associated companies that will help you lower your costs, so it’s vital that you make Aussie part of your rightsizing strategy.

One area you can focus on for cost cutting purposes is your monthly overheads. Do some research on alternative commercial and industrial rental properties. If you are able to reduce your monthly rental costs by finding a more suitable property with lower rates then you can save hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of pounds per month. If you have transport costs and you’re currently using a courier service, do some shopping around and try to find the best rates possible.

Aussie has a range of services that can assist you at various stages of your rightsizing and the possible restructuring of your business model and operational functions. We have a Man & Van service for small removals which you can use to transport your goods or related equipment around the city.

If you find a suitable property to move into to, we are on hand to relocate you and all of your office or work-related equipment. We have a variety of removals vehicles and we can undertake any removals, no matter how big or small, and we help you plan out every aspect of your move to ensure that we avoid any of London’s traffic. We have the expertise to migrate your IT systems and we assign a Personal Move Manager to every move.

If you need to store any equipment or stock between moves we offer the most comprehensive storage and self storage packages in London. We have the best rates on the market and we won’t be beaten on price or customer service. Our facilities are top of the range with a large focus on security, all designed to make sure your equipment and goods are safe and secure. We use the most technologically advanced Redcare security programs, backed by fire and intruder alarms, strictly-guarded access and 24-hour CCTV surveillance.

Aussie is the can-do company, we can undertake any removals job, and we do each job with an ethos that couples amazing customer service and affordable market rates. We offer our clients a service that makes them come back to us and tell their family and friends to do the same, and we put a lot of emphasis on talking to and building relationships with our customers. We understand their needs and how we can take every removals job we undertake to improve our services for future clients.

At Aussie, we let nothing deter us from providing the best customer service available in London.

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